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One of the most important aspects when using a hair fiber concealer is regaining your confidence. If the overall results define a pleasant experience then you will gain a sense of loyalty for a product. Finding the hair concealer that fulfills all your needs might be a long trial and error process, but once you’ve found it you will stick with it for a long period of time.

In this article, we’ve reviewed the Caboki Hair Loss Concealer along with its pros and cons. Caboki came in #4 on our list of best hair loss concealers.

Caboki Reviews

Facts and features on Caboki Hair Loss Concealer

Caboki is like nothing you have used before! Or at least that is what its creators are saying on the official website. According to them, Caboki is neither a “spray paint”, nor a “shoe polish” invented in the late 80s, but a breakthrough product that will work its magic on all hair loss sufferers.

Caboki instantly conceals thinning hair and bald spots on both men and women of all ages. The product offers a “perfectly natural look” that will last all day, all night and through gusty wind, light rain and sweat.

When using Caboki, you don’t have to worry about staining your clothes or about people noticing the little hair fibers covering your hair loss areas. In fact, Caboki creators state that no one will know you are using the concealer even from a close up or if you are sitting under bright light.

The Caboki hair fibers are obtained from a variety of cotton that grows only in the arid regions of Morocco and which is called Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum (or Levant Cotton). Apart from this ingredient, natural minerals are used as colorants.

The hair fibers are not obtained in a man-made lab and that is the reason that makes them bond with natural hair 200% safer than any other product of the same kind. The concealer is free from any animal ingredients, synthetic dyes, fillers or preservatives and is suitable even for the most sensitive scalps.

The company always does a strict quality check and double tests it in order to ensure the customer’s satisfaction and to make sure the fibers are in the best condition before they are shipped outside the factory. Caboki also states that the before and after images and videos were never manipulated to misrepresent the results.

Caboki is not recommended for people who are completely bald and may not work also for people with very little hair (for example Norwood scale 7 or Ludwig scale Advanced). Also, keep in mind that it will not regrow your hair because it is just a concealing product.

The organic provenience of the Caboki Hair Fibers makes it safe to be used along with any other hair loss medical treatments. The product does not enhance or disrupts hair growth.

The hair loss concealer works for any type of hair, from normal coarser hair to vellus hair and everything in between. The product works also for African American hair and a bottle lasts minimum 8 – maximum 90 days depending on the size of the bottle and the usage frequency.

Caboki comes in 3 different sizes: 30 grams (will last you approximately 50-90 days), 16 grams (will last you approximately 25-40 days) and 6 grams (will last you approximately 8-14 days). You can also choose from 14 different colors (black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, auburn, light auburn, blonde, golden blonde, natural blonde, salt&pepper-dark, salt&pepper-light, dark gray, gray and silver/white).

Satisfied U.S. customers can use the “Autoship” option by becoming a member of the Savings Club. The Savings Club offers VIP perks such as free shipping, huge discounts and maximum account flexibility. The membership is free and can be cancelled at any time. However, unsatisfied customers will get their money back in 30 days, no questions asked.

Starting from January 2016 Caboki has added anti-counterfeiting features to its packages. Genuine Caboki products come with their own verification code on the back of the bottle. The code must be verified on You can also order a free sample to test the hair fiber concealer before buying it.

Caboki Technology

Caboki claims that it uses a proprietary breakthrough technology, all natural and hypoallergenic. The hair fibers obtained from the Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum plant are unlike any other similar products on the market and far more superior in performance.

The company insists on using this particular plant because “it is the best available” and  “nothing on earth is more suitable”. For that reason, the Caboki hair fibers offer the same optical features as real hair does. They reflect the light the same way as real hair and create a natural, undetectable look of full thick head of hair.

The hair fibers create such a strong bond with the existing hair, that not even wind or sweat can break. The coton-like natural hair fibers are hypoallergenic, can be used even on the most sensitive scalps and absorb the oil in your hair.

Caboki Products available on the market

Apart from the Hair Fibers Concealer, Caboki also offers a variety of tools and packs for better application of the product or for offering it as a gift.


Caboki Volume Control Mist. A crystal clear spray mist that maximizes the effects of the Caboki Hair Loss Concealer. The spray locks the hair fibers and maintains thickness and volume. The bottle is not pressurized and can last up to 50 days. The spray must be applied after adding the Caboki hair fibers.


Caboki Hairline Perfector. A comb-like tool that helps applying the hair fibers easily on the frontal area. Designed with irregular teeth, the Perfector offers a more soft and natural look to your hairline and also prevents excess from falling onto your face.



Caboki Formula 2. Ideal for a thin edge, bald spots on the side of the scalp, very thin hairline or sparse eyebrows. A waterproof versatile concealer for difficult areas that comes in 9 different colors. It also blocks harmful UV rays.



Caboki Panoramic Mirror. A mirror specially designed to see the back of your head, the top of your head and the hairline at the same time. The mirror helps to apply the Caboki concealer without missing a spot and is great for hard-to-see areas all over your body.



Caboki Starter Kit. A kit that contains 1 Caboki Hair Concealer (30 grams) and 1 Volume Control Mist.



Caboki Value Pack 1. The pack contains 2 Caboki Hair Concealers and 1 Volume Control Mist.




Caboki Value Pack 2. The pack contains 3 Caboki Hair Concealers and 1 Volume Control Mist.




Caboki Value Pack 3. The pack contains 3 Caboki Hair Concealers.




Caboki Value Pack 4. The pack contains 4 Caboki Hair Concealers.




Caboki with Atomizer. A built-in atomizer with an exclusive design that focuses the product on the desired area.



How to use the Caboki Hair Loss Concealer

Using the Caboki Hair Loss Concealer is a very easy process. You have to dry and style your hair as usual and simply shake the Caboki fibers on your thinning areas and bald spots. Disperse the fibers by gently patting them and comb or brush if it’s necessary. Spray a few shots of Volume Control Mist (keep the bottle 30 cm away from your hair) and you’re good to go.

The brand recommends using the Volume Control Mist because it is designed especially for Caboki hair fibers, but if you run out of it you can also temporarily use regular hair spray. You must also make sure that you have used all your usual styling products (such as hair gel or hair oil) before applying the Caboki fibers and that the gel has dried off.

Caboki doesn’t offer an applicator or a pump for more precision, but you can use the Hairline Perfector to create a natural look on certain areas. For best results, your hair should be a minimum of 0.5 inches (1-2 cm) or longer and you should check your root color in the thinning area when choosing from one of the 14 available colors.

If you have salt&pepper or highlighted hair choose the darker root color. If none of the available colors match, you can choose 2 similar colors and mix them together to get the desired look. Apply the darkest shade first, pat gently, and the lighter shade afterwards. Repeat the process if needed.

Caboki Hair Loss Concealer Results

Customers say that Caboki works excellent for the early stages of hair loss (mild thinning area, small receding hairline, hair loss caused by stress) but not on severe hair loss stages. The brand states this fact in the FAQ area of its website so this is not fresh news.

The fibers are indeed organic and safe to use, however, they aren’t as magic as advertised. The hair fibers don’t cling to natural hair in most cases and rub off easily. The fibers will fall on your clothes or surroundings, but they can be simply brushed off, unless they had already mixed with sweat or moisture in which case it will leave a stain (not a permanent one).

The variety of colors is a plus for this product since you have so many options to choose from and create all sorts of mixes to find the perfect match. However, it requires a little testing of the colors.

The application process is an easy one, but also messy. Adding the Volume Control Mist seems to be a must in order to keep the fibers in place a little longer. Caboki washes off when you shower using a regular shampoo, but also when you swim, sweat or are exposed to any type of humidity.

Most customers are also displeased with the price/quality ratio. It seems the bottle is not practical in the shape of a “salt shaker”, but more as a squeezable recipient. The product is also too powdery, creating a fake look in some cases.

Caboki does a very good job when it comes to offering a full coverage and is unnoticeable if you are using darker shades.

Safety and Side Effects

The fact that the hair fibers are of organic provenience is a plus in what regards safety and side effects. High quality hair fibers don’t cause rashes or any type of irritations and neither does Caboki…unless you are allergic to the ingredients.

The hair loss concealer doesn’t irritate the scalp and doesn’t clog your pores. It also has no effect in the enhancing or prevention of hair regrowth. You can use the Caboki hair fibers with any other medical treatment (such as Propecia or Minoxidil) without worrying about nasty side effects.

You don’t need a special shampoo to wash the hair fibers from your hair, they can be rinsed off with water and removed with regular shampoo. Take precaution and do not inhale the product or leave it at children’s reach.

Let’s summarise!

Best Hair Fibers for 2017 - Caboki

Caboki is not a bad hair concealer, but it is also not as magic as advertised. The fibers are organic and hypoallergenic but don’t seem to cling very well to existing hair. Therefore, the fibers will usually fall on your clothes and pillow.

Caboki works excellent on thinning hair and for early hair loss stages. It offers good overall coverage and it’s very easy to apply. The large variety of colors is also a plus even though you have to do a little testing before finding the right color/mix of colors to match perfectly.


All in all, Caboki could be improved. We recommend you buy the Caboki Hair Loss Concealer from to avoid counterfeit products that may harm you.

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