Celebrities and Hair Loss


Do you know that stars and celebrities are all the more prone to hair thinning and hair loss? Being a star does not spare anybody from this dilemma. Just about anybody can suffer and the effect is all the same. But because these people are famous and popular, it is necessary to keep them looking fabulous every time they go out of their abode. Personal hairdressers and stylists are on call anytime they need them and so they appear perfect from head to toe, strutting with fabulous, thick and hair that’s full of life.  Because these stars are subjected tofrequent styling to drastic hair changes, these celebrities also suffer from hair thinning or hair loss. Here are celebrities who are suffering from hair loss-

David Beckham – David Beckham is a celebrity known for his frequent changes in hairstyle. He has been spotted with a bald patch on his head, which caused many to be shocked which has also been resolved and the hottest football player remains the envy of men his age. Although it is not clear whether his thinning hair was a temporary issue, it is for sure that he went under a treatment and many speculated that although he would turn bald, he would not have to worry about it because of his status.

david beckham Bold

Victoria Beckham – also known as Posh Spice, like her husband has also been suffering from hair loss and thinning hair. Because of her frequent use of hair extensions and various hair products in the past, her hair began to thin out and get damaged. In order to avoid significant hair loss, she addressed her fear during her pregnancy to Harper. She started stocking up on hair loss remedies and supplements to make her hair look healthy again.

Victoria Beckham

Fergie–  is one of the many celebrities who have suffered from hair loss. She is one of the very few celebritieswho have accepted hair loss and never attempted to cover it up.Her hair loss, which was most likely caused by stress and hair extensions, was only a temporary problem. Her visible scalp is seen in the photo below. Luckily for Fergie, her hair loss issue seemed to be only a temporary crisis, which has now been evaded.


Nicolas Cage –From thinning hair to a receding hairline, Nicolas Cage is one of the celebrities who were able to beat hair loss! He is a prime exampleof how even the rich and famous aren’t exempt from the onset of male pattern baldness, Cage has previously been subject to speculation over whether he has ever sought a hair loss treatment.  Nicolas Cage suffered from drastic hair thinning long ago but (luckily!) was able to conquer it and now it seems that he may have invested in a treatment for his hair loss.

Nicolas Cage

Donald Trump – The newest elected President of the United Sates is also not spared from hair loss. From extreme bald patches and spots all over the head, Donald Trump’s hair loss is one of the worst we’ve seen! Late last year, Trump’s hairdresser revealed the secret to his thinning hair, which was the excessive use of lacquer! The exaggerated use of lacquer was needed in order to achieve Trump’s signature “solid and matted” hairstyle.

Donald Trump bald

Mel Gibson is known for his long feathered hair in Lethal Weapon Movie Series is also experiencing hair loss. He was rumored to have had hair transplant way back but unfortunately, he is still balding. The actor sometimes attempt to cover his large bare patch on his back with a makeshift comb over do but there is no denying that he is totally balding.

Mel Gibsons Bald Spot

Although it is hard to believe, celebrities are not perfect. Some experience weight issues, bad skin conditions, medical conditions and hair loss issues. Others may go lengths to hide it while others just accept it and deal with it through treatments and medications. These celebrities are human beings like us and they are not spared from the effects of hair loss however rich and prominent they maybe. It all boils down to acceptance and getting help and advice.

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