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Finally Hair prides itself on manufacturing the highest quality hair fibers that are just as good as or better than the brands that cost less than twice as much. And our fibers are the only fibers designed to de-clump. Simply shake the hair building fibers and watch them disperse.

This is the newest clean pillow hair loss concealer formula. Use our fibers and our strong fiber hair spray and you can sleep with this in.


Made of:

Finally Hair building fibers is made from 100% vegan natural ingredients.


Colors vary for best results. May contain Keratin, GossyplumHerbaceum, Polymer, FD&C Yellow No. 5 (CL 19140), FD&C Red #40 (Cl 16035), Black 1 (CL 28440) FD&C Blue No. 1 (CL42090), D&C Orange No. 4 (CL 15510), D&C Black No. 2 and other similar dyes.



Finally Hair fiber is a 100% SAFE drug free hair loss solution and a cost-effective prudent alternative to costly hair transplant procedures that may or may not turn out right. It has no side effects, is totally safe, and won’t clog your pores.

No silica, no hydration, no ammonium chloride means we are the more natural solution.

Works on men, women, and teenagers. This is the unisex hair fiber solution. Hair fiber helps men who suffer from male pattern baldness, and women who want their hair thickener, fuller, and to be more attractive..

This is an instant solution. It only takes a few minutes to apply it. It comes in 20 colors to match all hair types and styles.


Colors Offered:

Grey, Medium Blonde, White, Blonde, Red, Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Light Medium Brown, Golden Blonde, Dark Blonde, Auburn, Dark Chocolate Brown, Soft Black, Dark Grey, Pure White, Salt and Pepper Light, Salt and Pepper Dark



            25g Refill

           50g Refill

           100g Refill




Cost:25g Refill- $14.49

           50g Refill -$21.69

           100g Refill- $24.19


Over All Rating3 out of 5 Stars (Bad Website)

Popularity:3 out of 5

How to Apply:

For best results, wash, dry & style your hair to so you get maximum coverage with your actual hair. Use Finally Hair Medium Spray for styling.


2)  Make sure the room is not to humid from the shower.  It is best to apply it in normal humidity.


3)  Sprinkle Finally Hair fiber over the thinning area until the scalp is no longer visible. You can either tap the bottle or shake it to release the fibers. As the micro hair fibers continue to land they attach themselves and begin forming a canopy of hair over the scalp, effectively covering any thinning and balding areas very quickly. As you shake the product above the area you wish to thicken or cover the microfibers get electrically charged attach to your existing hair through the natural “static cling” or “electricity” of your hair and the static charge of the fibers which acts like a magnet. 


4)  Using your hand, gently pat the microfibers for maximum coverage. 


5)  Apply Finally Hair Fiber Lock pump hair spray STRONG over the treated area.  Let the hair spray dry.


Additional Products

-Finally Hair Hair Fiber Applicator Bottle for Use with Refill 100 Grams For Hair Loss Concealing by Finally Hair (Empty Applicator Bottle)

-Finally Hair Spray. Fiber Lock STRONG Hold

-Hair Loss Shampoo Conditioner Soap

-Root Concealer

-Hair and Brow Building Fibers

-Professional Keratin Shampoo and Straightening Smoothing Treatment



Finally Hair Concealer is the other counterpart of Samson Hair Fibers. The price range is almost the same, which would land on one of the cheapest brands of Hair Concealer. Customers like this brand because it carries 15 different shades that come in refill kits. Refillable bottles are sold separately for better and easier application.

Finally Hair uses the newest clean pillow hair loss concealer formula as one can sleep with it without having to worry about the fibers falling off or staining the pillowcase.

Finally Hair is 100% safe and drug free hair loss solution. It is also cost effective and great alternative to costly hair transplant procedures. It has no side effects and won’t clog your pores. Best for both men and women, to instantly hide thinning hair and get a thicker, fuller hair instantly.

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  1. Finally hair is nothing more than cheap flocking used to flock cheap souvenir type animals. Clumped in my hair and looked like a bad case of nits. Glad I only got the sample. Look up flocking and see for yourself what I say. This is why it’s cheaper than other hair fibers.

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