Great Hairstyles for Thinning Hair


When you have thinning hair, it is almost, always a challenge to achieve the hairstyle that you want.  With the latest trends that requires volume and thickness, it is always depressing when you got fine, limp and thin hair. However, today, we can fake fullness easily with pretty do’s without using extensions that can further and damage hair causing hair loss and hair thinning.

With the right hairstyles and haircuts for thin hair, you can add the desired body and the illusion of thickness to your hair. There are great body-gaining solutions that can flatter your hair and conceal hair loss and hair thinning.

Here are some styling solutions for a fuller, healthier looking hair and discover for yourself pretty messy updo’s and chic haircuts that suggest minimal styling:

Short Layered Bob Cut

  1. Short Layered Bob Cut

The 2 sure fire ways to transform thin hair is through texture and color. Darker roots against light hair instantly gives the illusion of density in your strands while chopped up layers boost the volume making it appear thicker and fuller.




  1. Shoulder-Skimming Wavy Bob

Having a large loose waves work wonderfully as an instant volume booster. When using a flat iron or a curling iron to create the waves do not touch the ends and let them stick out naturally.

Shoulder-Skimming Wavy Bob









3- Tuck Back Hair cut

Long thin locks may look too juvenile and can take away from emphasizing your best features aside from lacking body and volume. Short bobs and long pixies are perfect because they are versatile and easy to care for. It also looks chic and sheds number on your age too.

Tuck Back Hair cut

4- Long Thin Waves

If you do not want to chop off your hair, long thin hair with waves will do. Curls, whether loose or tight can instantly add texture, body and volume. When it comes to thin hair, women are often afraid that they cannot maintain a long hair or certain hairstyles which is not true, it is just a question of faking fullness and volume to get away with it.

5- Long and Layered Hair

Do you want your long thin hair look thicker and luscious? Layer it!  Include some shorter layers especially around the face. You will see and incredible change and the unbelievable effect of what layers can do for you.

Long and Layered Hair

6- Playful Parts

Do you know that a simple root lift or a change of the part in the hair can make those tresses go from thin to thick in an instant? This technique is one of the easiest and most effortless ways to add volume and fullness to your hair. Part you hair unevenly for a chic effect, pull a few strands from one side to the other and viola, instant thick hair!

Bobbed Thin Hair

7- Bobbed Thin Hair

The most popular hairstyle for thin and fine hair is the chin-length, A-line bob. This style is chic, sleek, edgy and never goes out of style. Add a gorgeous ash blonde shade and you will forget that you have a thinning hair.




8- Shattered Collarbone Bob

For lack of thickness, add the desired body to your hairstyle with a shattered texture of a classy collarbone bob with light layering closer to the edges with an A-Line sided bangs to create the prettiest messy hair do.

Short for Fine Hair

9- Short for Fine Hair

Go to your hairstylist and get the perfect short cut for fine hair! Add more volume on top and leaner sides and back to create a perfect illusion of luxurious short hair. Add blondish highlights for dimensions and to flatter the rough texture of the side swept style.

Lots of layers, highlights and textured choppy edges plus a destructed look work for added volume and thickness for any hair length. With a little volumizing hair product and a brush on blow dry, you are off to fun and edgier hair style with your thinning hair. You may also add Infinity Hair Fibers to cover visible scalp situations for these cuts and do away with wigs or hair extensions that looks unreal and fake.


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