What Are Hair Building Fibers and the Technology Behind


Becoming interested in what are hair building fibers means you may consider using it. Basically, the hair fibers are developed to be an alternative to hair transplants. It does not necessarily provide the remedy to baldness or even stop your worsening hair loss. Instead, it would cosmetically solve your problem quickly and easily. By learning more about the product, you would be able to determine if it is a solution for you or not.

What Are Hair Building Fibers and the Technology Behind

How Does Hair Building Fibers Work?

Besides knowing what hair building fibers by general description are, you may also be keen to understand how the solution works. Basically, the fibers work by blending in with your existing hair. Natural fibers produce electrostatic charge, which would enable them to bond with the remaining strands in your scalp. As a result, you would be able to cover the bald spots and areas with very few hair strands.

More and more people are asking what hair building fibers are, for the remedy is totally unbelievable given it could resist sweat, wind, and rain. In other words, you may still keep the fibers in place even while working out, walking under the rain, or swimming.

What Is the Technology Behind It?

The question what are hair building fibers would not be answered smartly if the material used for the fibers is not introduced. There are different ingredients that may make up hair fibers but the latest substance that doctors recommended is keratin. Keratin is the protein that is actually found in your hair.

Since hair fibers are made of the protein, these are capable of binding more securely with your existing hair. They produce innate static charge, which could keep your existing hair and fibers in place. They may appear totally natural without shifting under harsh conditions.

What Hair Loss Problems Could It Solve?

There are several hair loss problems that could be associated with the inquiry what hair building fibers are. The hair fibers are made versatile, which means they are meant to be useful regardless of the reason linked to baldness or hair thinning.

Specifically, if you are going to ask what hair building fibers are, the following are the causes of hair loss it could address:

Telogen Effluvium. This is a problem that occurs following a major surgical procedure, pregnancy, extreme stress, and extensive weight loss. This is characterized by large amounts of hair shedding from your scalp every day when you brush, shampoo, or style your hair. There are cases that it could be due to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antidepressants, and beta-blockers. Women who are suffering from the problem may notice a loss of hair six weeks or three months after a traumatic event.

Hereditary Hair Loss. Many people who are suffering from hereditary hair loss asked what hair building fibers are. Apparently, their problem could be very difficult to manage since it is in their DNA. There are sufferers of this condition, which is also known as androgenetic alopecia, that often resort to cosmetic solutions.  The symptoms of the problem may begin with slow thinning that gradually spread across the scalp.

Patchy Hair Loss. Sufferers of this issue also asked what hair building fibers are. This is a problem characterized by a nonscarring hair fall called alopecia areata. It occurs when the immune system of your body attacks the follicles instead of foreign substances. Following the hair loss is the development of round and smooth patches on the skin.

Lupus. Hair loss or baldness is also encountered due to chronic autoimmune disease, especially now that it is related to the immune system. This problem is affecting around 1.5 million people and common among females during their childbirth period. Lupus is associated with symptoms, such as swollen joints, fatigue, oral ulcers, and headaches among others. Additionally, most people with lupus experience hair loss, which could either be mild or severe.

Iron Deficiency Anemia. If you lack iron, you may be prone to hair loss, fatigue, pale skin, cold hands and feet, headaches, and lack of concentration most of the time.  Without iron, red blood cells would not be able to transport oxygen to cells found across your body. This is the reason why doctors recommend that you eat fortified cereals, beef, pork, beans, and leafy greens to keep your hair healthy.

Scalp Infections. Diseases of your scalp could lead to hair loss and scaly patches. These infections may be due to ringworm or other bacteria. Fortunately, once the problem is treated, your hair growth would rebound.

Medications. There are medications that could cause hair loss, such as radiation therapy. Take note that drugs for arthritis, cancer, heart problems, high blood pressure, and depression may also result to hair thinning.

Hair Treatments. There are harsh treatments at salons, which may cause alopecia. There are stylists who use hair mixtures that could cause inflammation or irritation of hair follicles. There are salon treatments that lead to scarring, which could bring permanent hair loss.

How to Select the Best Hair Building Fibers

Now that you are aware of what are hair building fibers, there is nothing better than learning how to choose the most appropriate product to buy. Given below are the tips that may help:

Look for Natural Ingredients. Hair fibers may either be made up of chemical or natural substances. Obviously, you should look for the latter. If you could purchase keratin-based hair fibers, the better it is. Keratin is a primary component of your hair. It is a constituent that could best mimic human hair.

Buy Easy to Use System. There are hair fiber systems that are very complicated to apply since there are tons of tools to use. Find a solution that would involve very few steps in filling in the thinning areas of your hair and baldness.

Find Your Matching Color. Search for products that could result in a hair color matching yours. By doing so, you could guarantee a more natural appearance of your scalp.

The aforementioned details and expanded answer to your question what are hair building fibers would give you the reasons to consider the product a must-try and better alternative.

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