What Are Hair Fibers and How They Solve Baldness (unfinished)


You may be interested to know what hair fibers are. Basically, these are considered to be the latest remedy for hair loss and baldness. They are made of various materials, which could bond with existing hair to increase its existing volume. Hair fibers are used to promote a fuller and thicker appearance of your hair without the need for transplants or other invasive procedures.

How Does Hair Fiber Work?

Alongside knowing what are hair fibers is understanding the mechanism behind the product. Without the need to ask you for surgery, the solution could give an instant appearance of scalp filled with full and thick hair. The fibers, which are presently at their highest grade, would bind with your existing hair. Even if your remaining strands are thin, the fibers would be able to make them thicker.

Nonetheless, the quality of hair fibers varies from one manufacturer to another. There are products that are made out of synthetic materials and animal products, which are not approved by doctors to be safe. Alternatively, there are naturally sourced hair fibers, which could mimic real human hair and regarded as most effective.

Naturally made hair fibers have innate static charge, which would attract them to your hair. You would notice that there is no electrostatic charge in a cheap imitation since they just shift, clump, or fall onto your scalp.

By being secured with your existing hair, your crown would remain thick and full with further resistance from sweat, rain, and wind. Even if you bend down a lot of times, run for longer periods, and work out strenuously, high-quality fibers are designed to last.

Are Hair Fibers Permanent Solution?

It is totally interesting to know what hair fibers are for in terms of longevity of effects. If you are concerned about a permanent cosmetic solution, then the technology could indeed help you. However, if you are looking for a remedy to hair loss right from the inside, this is not the product.

Knowing what hair fibers are also give you the responsibility to consider it as an aesthetic enhancer solely. In other words, it has no power to discourage or even initiate hair growth. It has no compounds that could nourish and enliven your hair growth circle. It does not even clog pores, which means it would not be absorbed by your scalp to function internally.

Is Hair Fiber Compatible With Growth Medicines?

Understanding the concept behind the question what are hair fibers is knowing that it could be used alongside other growth treatment. For instance, you recently had your transplant surgery. After the procedure, you may apply the hair fibers to cover up the post-operational hair loss area. Since the hair fibers are made from all-natural complex, you do not have to worry about it interfering with the functions of your growth treatments.

Would Hair Fibers Match Your Hair?

Besides knowing what are hair fibers and its great help for your baldness, you have the privilege to take advantage of its available colors. You do not have to worry about choosing the right color, which would match your existing hair and skin color. Available colors of hair fibers could be mixed. It is often suggested that you use dark colors as a base, and the application of colorants must be done individually to get best results.

What are hair fibers for graying hair? The fibers could work for all people with gray hair regardless of whether they suffer from severe baldness or not. The hair building fibers are designed to effectively cover the gray and color-treated re-growth roots on your scalp. In other words, it helps even out the color of your hair.

Are Hair Fibers Applicable for Styling Tools?

It is probable that even before you asked what hair fibers are, you have been using different styling tools and products. Relatively, there is no problem of using the hair building fibers with the hair tools you currently have. It is simply recommended that you distribute the hair fibers after the use of such products.

For instance, you use your curlers, flat irons, or blow dryers first.  Moreover, if you would style your hair using serums, mousses, gels, or leave-in conditioners, it is best to apply them first. Let the solutions sit on your hair before using fibers.

If you do not follow the procedures given above, you may cause the fibers to budge or form lumps. Even the areas supposed to be covered may be unlikely exposed.

Do You Need Tons of Hair Fibers?

You may be surprised, but less is more with the use of hair fibers. By carefully understanding what hair fibers are, you would determine that it does not necessarily work by replacing all the hair you lost. Instead, it would add thickness, volume, or density to your existing hair. As a result, the shiny spot on your scalp would gradually be filled.

It is always recommended that you use less of it, but it is still your preference if you need more. If you want to sustain a more natural look, you should put the hair fibers in stages.

Are There Side Effects?

Side effects would only be encountered if you have chosen hair fibers made out of chemicals. At present, there are still products that contain ammonium chloride and similar hazardous compounds. These substances may cause side effects when used repeatedly. For instance, the chemical-filled hair fibers may cause nose irritation, eye damage, irregular breathing, slow heartbeat, muscle spasms, and allergic reactions among others.

Is It Cost-Effective?

Apparently, hair fibers are very cost-effective. If you do not have the budget for hair transplants and the like, it is a quick fix. Since there are more natural hair fibers available, you do not even have to worry about its long-term use. There may be expensive hair re-growth operations but they may not always guarantee success and could entail post-surgery complications.

Not that you fully understand what are hair fibers, there is no reason for you not to try it given its exemplary technology and help for baldness sufferers.

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