Hair Illusion



Hair Illusion is a cosmetic product made from 100% real human hair that allows men and women to conceal the appearance of thinning hair and bald spots, giving the impression of more hair.

Hair Illusion does not re-grow hair or stop hair loss; rather, it is only a cosmetic product that hides baldness.

Made of:

100% Real Human Hair




Hair Illusion is the only product using natural human hair. Nothing looks more natural than real human hair.

Hair Illusion is a quick, easy and painless way, to end the suffering and replace it with a full head of hair! Hair Loss hits Hard When you first realize your hair is thinning, or balding, it’s hard not to feel affected. Regardless of age, for most of us, thinning or balding hair is a problem. So we look for solutions. And there’s no shortage of them from creams to dry powders … the bottom line is simple though. Nothing looks more natural than real human hair. The 1 ingredient found in hair illusion.



Colors Offered:

Jet Black, Black, Dark Brown, Brown, Light Brown, Auburn, Blonde and Light Blonde









Cost:38g- $59.95 Large

            18- $38.95 Small





Over All Rating:3 out of 5 Stars Affordable


Popularity:3 out of 5






How to apply:


To apply hair illusions to thinning hair simply tap or shake the bottle over thin area until completely covered. You will not need to use our holding spray if used on thinning hair.


Hair Illusion was designed for people with thinning hair. Not completely bald. If you are using hair illusion on a completely bald area you will need to use our fiber hold spray to secure fibers. For best results follow instructions below.



  1. Apply a light layer of our fiber hold spray to balding area.


  1. Let dry 30-45 seconds.


  1. Apply our Hair Illusion hair fibers.


  1. Finish with our fiber hold spray holding the bottle 10-12 inches from the hair and apply short easy sprays.


  1. For best results and strongest hold. Repeat the steps 2-3 times.


Additional Products

-Hair Fiber Spray

-Water Resistant Spray






Hair Illusion is the only hair concealer product that is made with 100% human hair. Available in 8 different shades and comes in 2 different sizes. It is also a good product and great in concealing thin hair and balding spots. The price range is almost the same as Infinity Hair Fibers but if I was to choose, I would choose Infinity over Hair Illusions because of the materials used. Infinity Hair Fibers are made with 100% premium keratin powder charged with static electricity to create a better bond to the hair making me feel more secure and comfortable.

The bond of this brand to my existing hair is not as secure unlike the brand I use. The color runs out when I am sweating and stain my clothes.

Hair Illusion is not part of the Top 5 best hair concealer list, maybe because of the quality of the fibers and the price.

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  1. Why don’t these people often make grey? There are many of us greytops with thinning hair.

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