What is Hair Loss Concealer?

Hair Loss Concealer or Hair powder, as some may refer it, is a product that offers men and women a great alternative to painful and costly hair transplant as well as to uncomfortable wigs.  It is an inexpensive and very effective solution for thinning hair and balding patches. Primarily made with keratin in powder form, keratin is the same component of which our hair is made of.

Hair Loss Concealer is an amazing product that resolves the main problem associated with hair loss and its negative effect it has on the physical appearance.  Every time a person with thinning hair looks in the mirror, they can see the devastating effects of slowly losing hair thus hair styling becomes very difficult as the hair is getting thinner and the scalp is exposed which makes hair loss obvious and visible.  Thinning hair can greatly affect a person’s self-image, self-esteem and lack of confidence which can affect work, relationships and interaction with others.

Hair Loss and Hair Thinning can both be associated with so many underlying reasons. The general health status of a person can affect the growth of hair while lifestyle can be a big factor too. Medical issues like Diabetes, Alopecia, Cancer Treatment and even Menopause can cause hair loss and hair thinning.


Studies show that millions of men and women suffer from hair loss and hair thinning and the numbers are growing. That is why the hair industry has come up with ways and solutions. They are finding remedies to make lives better especially for the ones who are suffering.

Hair Concealer Powder solves the problem instantly, as fast as seconds after application, you will be able to see the difference, giving the user a thickerand fuller hair. This will also allow the user to style their hair the way they want to style it and will make you look younger than your years. There is no need to hide those thinning areas or patches and feel confident again.

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A hair concealer is made up of micro keratin hair fibers. It is defined as an extremely strong protein that is a major component in skin, hair, nails, hooves, horns and teeth. These keratin fibers are very similar to real hair and when applied they adhere to any existing hair through static electricity. The hair fiber powder is undetectable with different shades to match the natural color of the hair. It says on the hair after application and can only be removed by washing or shampooing. This hair fiber powder won’t stain clothing and can be easily dust or brushed-off. Since the fibers need static electricity to stay on the hair, the hair must be dry before application. However sweat, strong wind or drizzle will not remove the hair powder.

Hair loss faiber spray

Hair powder, hair keratin powder, hair fiber and hair building fibers all have the same function. It is to give a full head hair or as hair concealer to cover balding or thinning patches.  Hair Fiber works using the Nano Fiber Technology to create a long-lasting bond between your existing hair and the hair fibers. When you apply the hair powder on the thinning areas of the hair, the fibers automatically cling to the hair like millions of tiny magnets making each strand of hair instantly becomes thicker and fuller. That is the reason why hair powder is not recommended to those who are completely bald.

How to apply Hair Loss Concealer:

It is very easy to use hair concealer, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Wash and dry hair. Style your hair as desired before applying Hair Fibers.

Step 2:  Gently tap, shake or sprinkle the bottle of fibers at about 45 degrees, and hold it 3 inches above your thinning areas that you want to cover or want to conceal with thicker hair.

Step 3: Once the hair concealer is applied, gently pat hair to disperse the fibers evenly and for better coverage. Check to see all thinning areas are covered.

Step 4:  Finish the look by spraying Locking Spray to secure the fiber powder in place.

Hair Concealer Side Effects:

Hair Concealeris safe and easy to use. It is also affordableand easy to buy. All these hair powders are also available in different shades so you are sure that you will find the color that matches your natural hair color which makes it more unnoticeable.  It is also natural so it does not hurt your scalp, clog your pores or contribute to worsen the thinning or balding hair.

Benefits of using Hair Loss Concealer:

Hair Loss Concealers are the most effective and convenient way to get you full looking hair without spending too much and after all considerations are made. There are also different kinds and brands available in the market today that you can choose from. This product is beneficial whether you are already taking medications or treatments and waiting for your natural hair to grow back. Hair Loss Concealer is the best way to hide thinning hair, making it look fuller and thicker instantly.

Discover and feel good again. Try using Hair Loss Concealer for thinning or balding hair today!

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