Homemade Hair Care Ideas


All natural is in nowadays, they are more preferred over the chemical laden hair products. These homemade treatments are more affordable, gentler on hair and effective than ones that can be bought over the counter which as we know are made of chemicals and artificial ingredients.  The more natural and organic, the better as they say and besides one thing is for sure, an egg or avocado won’t damage your hair anyways. So read on the following hair care ideas and check your cupboards to see what your next treatment will be.

raw eggs

Raw eggs for example, the yolk is rich in fats and proteins and is naturally moisturizing, while the egg white contains bacteria eating enzymes that removes unwanted oils. So for normal hair use the entire egg to condition hair, when you have an oily hair use the egg whites and egg yolks to moisturize dry and brittle hair. Massage on clean, damp hair and leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse with cool water and repeat after 2 weeks.

Styling products as well as air pollution can leave a build up that saps the moisture and dulls shine, but dairy products like plain yogurt and sour cream can help reverse the damage. This is because lactic acid gently strips away dirt while milk fat helps to moisturize. To use, massage ½ cup of sour cream or plain yogurt into damp hair and let sit for20 minutes. Rinse with warm water followed by a cool water then shampoo hair as usual. This treatment can be done every 2 weeks.

To fight flakes and itchy scalp brought about by poor diet, stress or climate- try lemon and olive oil mixture in your hair, the acidity in lemon juice helps rid your scalp of any loose, dry flakes of skin while olive oil moisturizes the scalp. Massage equal parts of lemon juice and olive oil into your clean and damp hair. Let the mixture sit in for 20 minutes then shampoo as usual.

Now if you have fine or limp hair, dry massaging your hair with beer! Beer adds body to hair, this fermented drink contains generous supplies of yeast, which works best to plump tired stresses.

For dry or sun-damaged hair massage about ½ cup of honey to clean, damp hair. Let it sit for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. You can also add 1 to 2 tbsp of olive oil to loosen the honey for easier application. If your hair is extremely dry and damage, mix honey with 1 or 2 tbsp of protein rich ingredient like avocado or egg yolk which will help replenish the keratin protein bond that the UV rays attack. This treatment can be done at least once a month.

If you have oily or greasy hair, you can use cornstarch! Pour 1 tbsp cornstarch in an empty salt or pepper shaker and sprinkle into the dry scalp. After 10 minutes, brush the cornstarch off using a paddle brush.

For frizzy hair you can use avocado or mayonnaise to tame those stresses. Avocado is also best to repair damage hair. Its oils which are light and moist is like our own natural skin secretions and the protein boast the best combination of nutrients smoothing and weighing down unruly hair.

So there you go. Giving your hair the best care it deserves does not to be expensive. It does not require you to get an appointment. It is all there in your kitchen. Maybe in your cupboard or refrigerator!

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