How to Apply Hair Fibers and More Tips


Before you study how to apply hair fibers, it is best that you consider learning more about the solution. Apparently, hair fibers are used to fill in the bald spots and thinning areas of your scalp. It is a cosmetic solution for hair loss.

Compared to transplants, the solution is faster, easier, and safer. There are no indications of complications or side effects with the use of hair fibers. The added artificial hair is usually made of natural compounds, which is why even irritation of the scalp would not be encountered.

Time needed: 2 minutes.

How To Apply Hair Fibers

  1. Dry and style hair as usual.

  2. Apply either via Shake Method or use Hair Fiber Pump Applicator

  3. Gently pat the applied area to disperse the product

  4. Comb or brush your hair if necessary

  5. To finish off, spray on a Fiber Locking Spray

Benefits of Using Hair Fibers

How to Apply Hair Fibers and More Tips

You would obtain a lot of benefits by learning how to apply hair building fibers. It is best that you would be acquainted with this matter so you could welcome a new morning routine addition in your life. Basically, there are still people who doubt the effectiveness of hair fibers. Nonetheless, by reading through the excerpt below, your incertitude would definitely be eliminated. Given below are the perks of using the cosmetic solution:

No Side-Effects

As mentioned, even if you use hair fibers on your scalp repeatedly, you do not have to worry about side-effects. This is tested by experts, physicians, and professional stylists. In addition, even if you commit a mistake in any of the steps involved in how to apply hair fibers, you would definitely not encounter complications.

The use of hair fibers would not even make your scalp irritated for there are no chemicals or synthetic compounds in the formula. Your pores would not also clog.

Proven Treatment

You have to be reminded that the effectiveness of hair fibers has been proven by customers themselves. Though they are losing hairs or are already forming patches on their scalp, the product amazingly covered everything up.

Greater Confidence

There are people who suffer from hair loss as early as 20s to 30s. Nonetheless, this could be solved perfectly with hair fibers. The product ensures that you would lose that insecurity of looking bald or old. Since the product does not even appear detectable, no one would suspect that you are losing that hair off. Even your personality would be lifted for you would feel good, making you interested in socializing better than before.

Latest Technology Available

The latest technology available for hair fibers is now perfected with the use of real human hair protein. Through keratin fibers, the product even secures or bonds better with your existing hair. The fibers would no longer fall on your scalp but disguise themselves as real hair. This is a greater solution to resisting weather changes such as wind and rain.


Stronger hair fibers could be used even while working out. Perspiration is no longer a reason for the hair fibers to fall off your existing hair. Besides, most packages are added with lock-in spray, which would keep the hair fibers secured throughout the day unless you wash it with shampoo. Do you know that there are also hair fibers made for swimming? This gives you a better summer to look forward to.

Available Everywhere

You can purchase hair fibers almost everywhere. You could even get it online, which means you have a better reach to regaining your confidence. You have plenty of options to select from depending on your preferences. This gives you no reason to stay bald when you bring back your appealing look.

No Coloring Problem

The hair fibers are made of different shades. You do not have to worry about looking for your hair color match since the product allows you to blend its available colorants. You could do the mix using the bottle of hair fibers or onto your scalp upon application.

Easy to Use

The product is totally easy to use. You simply have to apply an appropriate amount of the hair fibers onto your scalp. You may use the product once and you could be sure it would last throughout the day. Style it by brushing, and lock the hair fibers using a spray. The simple steps eliminate the need to undergo several surgeries that may cause further hair loss or pain throughout the process.

Daily Solution

The product is suitable even for daily use. This is proven by stylists for the hair fibers do not contain harmful ingredients that could inflict the scalp in the long run.

Treatment Partner

If you are undergoing therapy or medical procedures that may cause hair loss post-operation side effect, you may use the hair fibers as a cosmetic remedy. This will help conceal your problem and keep people unaware of your treatment, which most prefer. There should be no worry about interactions for the hair fibers are mostly natural and does not cause side-effects.

How to Use the Hair Fibers

Now that you are aware of how beneficial hair fibers are, you must be eager of learning how to apply hair building fibers. There is nothing much to worry about the application proper for it is very easy. When you get used to it, you could consider it easier than blow drying your hair.

Primarily, you have to dry and style your hair the way you do it every morning or depending on your schedule. Afterwards, you shake the hair fiber container onto the thinning areas or bald spots of your scalp. Then, you gently pat the areas treated by the fibers to distribute the product. If necessary, you may brush your hair. Lastly, it is best to use a securing spray.

The steps given above are the only things you get to remember so you could make the hair fibers. Obviously, these steps are very easy. The first attempts may take longer time but it is certain you would not spend hours doing so.

Tips in Making Hair Fiber Application More Effective

There are more tips that may help you improve the way you apply hair fibers in the long run. To give you a few, here are the following given by professional stylists:

Avoid Hair Fibers Containing Chemicals

You could check the contents of your hair fibers through the ingredients list or reviewing the product itself. As much as possible, get rid of hair fibers that contain harmful chemicals and ammonia, which may result to further hair loss. If you could find hair fibers containing keratin fibers, you should do so.

Use Fibers When Hair Is Dry

It is best to dry your hair prior to adding the fibers. The solution bonds to your existing hair better, specifically through static electricity, when it is dry. If you would apply the fibers onto wet hair, there is a greater possibility of obtaining lumps.

If you are about to use a gel for styling, it is best to use it prior the hair fibers. Let the gel dry up before you apply the fibers. Gel could avoid the hair fibers from adhering optimally. Moreover, it is most appropriate to use a hold spray, which would keep fibers and existing hair secured. It would also retain the style of your hair as necessary.

Choose the Right Color

Find a color that matches your hair best. It is often recommended that you try blending a couple of colorants so you could achieve your hair color. For instance, if you have a dark blonde hair, try mixing light brown and medium blonde colors. You should always use the dark color as the base to get better results. Afterward, you may apply the lighter color.

Stand in Front of the Mirror

To get the best results, make sure you see your entire head. This would help you find even the smallest areas of baldness.

Do Not Apply Too Much Fiber

You should not put a lot of hair fibers if you want to look natural as possible. A small quantity is actually enough to give that undetectable effect. It could be difficult to determine how much you really need for your hair, but it is all about patience. To specify the proper quantity of hair fibers for your hair, you should apply it in stages.

Keep Your Existing Hair Healthy

The basis of effective hair fiber application is your existing hair. This is the reason why it is still best to keep your existing hair health. It is important to nourish your hair by washing it regularly and try natural stimulators for growth. You could consider checking out shampoos that could make your existing hair fuller and healthier.

Following a healthy diet is also necessary so you could target your hair condition from the inside. Ensure that you are obtaining the right amount of vitamins and minerals, which could fuel hair growth cycle. Take supplements that would give you a special blend of nutrients that will reduce hair loss.

From the given facts, it could be seen that hair fibers are recommendable solutions for everyone undergoing a hair loss-related problem. It is an easy and quick fix that no one could deny for effective use. Moreover, take note that learning how to apply hair fibers would not even cost you a lot, granting you reduced upfront costs.

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