How to Improve Hairstyle With Thinning Hair


There is so much to look forward to this 2017! Something about the New Year that makes girls wants to ring up their hairstylist for an appointment.  A new cut or color will surely bring one fun and positivity for 2017. The possibilities in hair and make-up are endless. Celebrating ones individuality is the key.  Loving your own and sharing positive vibes, getting a haircut when you are in the mood, layer it, color it or just about anything that will suit you and make you feel good. If you ask me, first and foremost, make sure that you have healthy hair. Any cut and color will not look good if your hair is dry or damaged. If you feel that it is getting dry and dull because of chemicals from hair dye or over exposure to sun, a simple virgin coconut oil massage once a week will help a lot. I have listed below ways to beef up your hairstyle for 2017:

  • Get the right cut for your texture- this allows you to put as much- or as little effort into your hair, with the right cut depending on your hair texture, you can look polished and beautiful even if you just air dry it. Get a style that works with you and not against you and you’ll find styling a lot easier. If you have thinning hair, one of the fastest ways to create the illusion of more abundant hair is to cut it off and adding strategic layers. It is also said that shorter hair looks healthier and creates more volume.


  • Short hair will have a major moment this year, according to stylists. A cheekbone length cut that is reminiscent to a classic ‘20s woman- like Coco Chanel. This may be done with textured cut with a modern and natural twist.


  • Bold and Blunt bangs are a major trend too, a curly fringe or straight bands that hits close to the brows. This is the easiest way to get a new look. Talk to your hairstylist and get a bangs that will suit your natural hair texture, they’ll be able to cut it in a way that will make it flattering.


  • The Ultimate Comeback of the High-Top Fade. It’s time to begin re-embracing the Grace Jones high-top fade. This is for more fashion forward women and requires healthy hair. Damaged ends are going to make the haircut less clean and defined.


  • The Sleek and Polished Lob is the new long. It’s a great length because it looks modern and cool while having the sexiness of long hair. This cut needs longer layers and blunt edges. You may also want to go for high shine and control.


  • Update long hair with texture boosting layers. This is great for women with fine long hair and looking to create the illusion of more fullness.


  • Since 2017 is celebrating your individuality, the Big Chop is also in for those daring women who want to have their head shaved. Is its pixie you’ve been eyeing for, go for it. If you want to try an undercut, this is your chance.


For Hair color, it spells fun, flirty and gorgeous. Here are hair color ideas that will surely give you a head start.

  • Dip Dyed hair is making waves today, like blonde and light pink, giving it a fun jolt of color that will compliment fair skin tone. One can also get a light purple, a gentle touch of baby blue on the ends which it surely worth it.


  • Another trend is the “Ronze”. It’s an updated bronde for blondes, which is made for redheads. It is a mixture of copper red and bronze brown. It works well on all complexions too. Getting the perfect combination of shade will surely make your skin glow.


  • Babylights refers to a technique of applying very fine strands of color throughout the hair with meche or plastic wrap, making the hair look multi-dimensional and the highlights will boost your color in a more natural way that looks clean and chic. It has a smoother and more gradual changing of colors compared to ombre.


  • Bronde is carrying string this 2017. It is a term inspires by blondes who want to go dark- but not too dark as hues blend nice and naturally.


There is Opal hair, platinum blonde, blue tints, gray hair, balayage highlights and a lot more. So the question is, if it makes you happy or if you want it, go for it! Dare to go bold and beautiful. Just remember that any haircut and style or color is best achieved when you start with having healthy hair. If you have thinning hair or suffering from hair loss, try using Infinity Hair Fibers. Visit us at today!


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