How Infinity Hair Fiber Works


Infinity Hair Building Fibers is an amazing hair loss concealer which instantly hides hair loss and hair thinning instantly. Made with natural protein keratin powder, Infinity adds density to each strand of your hair making it look undetectable thicker and fuller.

The science behind infinity Hair Fibers:

What Infinity Hair Fibers can Do it

Infinity Hair Building Fibers are made from all natural organic keratin in powder form, the same protein that our hair is made of. Using Nano Technology, these fibers automatically clings to your hair like tiny magnets, adding density and making it look thicker and fuller, covering the thinning spots and visible scalp. These fibers are charged with static electricity so they intertwine with your hair and create a bond that is secure and unnoticeable. Infinity Hair Fibers stays in place all day and all night and can be removed easily by washing it off. The best part is that is has no side effects and can be used daily. It is affordable, hassle-free and convenient way to hide those embarrassing thinning hair and visible scalp instantly.

What Infinity Hair Fibers can Do

Infinity Hair Fibers come in 10 different shades to match your natural hair color. The goal here is to keep it unnoticeable even as close as a few inches away. The fibers look exactly like your natural hair, this way it does not catch others attention. Once the fibers are sent in place, finish the entire look with Infinity Fiber Locking Spray. This spray will make you feel more confident by increasing the bond between your hair and the fibers, plus it adds shine and subtleness for a more natural look.

Direction for use:

  • After hair is washed, make sure it is completely dry before using applying fiber powder. Application on wet hair will clump the fibers up. Take the Infinity hair fibers soft touch bottle and hold it about 3 inches away from your head hovering over the desired application area.
  • Gently shake the bottle of fibers over desired area letting fibers fall into place. If the fibers do not fall into the proper areas, simply use your hand to guide the fibers to where they should be. Shake the bottle generously over balding or thinning areas until satisfied with the results. Infinity Fiber Pump Applicators are also available for easy dispensing. These pump applicators fits all Infinity Hair Fiber bottles and are reusable.
  • With the use of your hand, simply pat down the areas where the fibers were applied and smooth hair for a totally natural look.
  • When desired results are achieved, finish with the Infinity Fiber Locking Spray to secure and seal the fibers and add shine to the finished look.

What Infinity Hair Fibers can Do it

Infinity Hair Building Fibers is the safest and most effective option for hair loss or hair thinning solution. This product gives you an instant result, helping people regain self-confidence and changing the way they feel about themselves. It also the easiest and most affordable way to have thicker and fuller hair instantly.

Choose the Best! Choose INFINITY!

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  1. […] Infinity hair Fiber is one of the products in the market today that contains keratin. With the use of Nano Fiber Technology, the hair fiber powder bonds between the existing hair to make it look fuller and thicker. It is derived from cellulose Nano fibers materials making it safe and healthy for the hair. It will neither irritate nor harm your skin or scalp and hair and does not have side effects. […]

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