Facts About Infinity Hair Fibers


Infinity Hair Building Fibers are natural keratin protein in powder form is made to address hair thinning and hair loss issues. These fibers merge and adhere to your existing hair to hide receding areas and provide density and volume while give a natural appearance and coverage in less than a minute.

Say Goodbye to thinning hair, balding patches and visible scalp today!

Infinity Hair Fibers provides instant solution for both men and women who have hair loss problems. It is the best way to achieve the hairstyle that one desire even when they have thin hair. Through this, it will also help uplift personality and boost self-confidence instantly, improving the quality of the way they look and conquering the world without shame and hesitation.

Hair Fibers

Infinity Hair Fibers works like magic on your hair. As soon as the fibers are applied, it automatically clings to your hair like tiny magnets, adding density on each strand making it look thicker and fuller instantly. Derived from natural keratin using Nano Technology, Infinity Hair Fiber is helpful for your hair and is clinically proven safe to use. It has no side effects or harmful ingredients that can hamper your hair growth.

How to apply Infinity air Building Fibers

Step 1: Wash and make sure that hair is completely dry. Because it is in powder for, applying it on wet hair is not advisable. Style hair as desired before applying Infinity Hair Fibers.

Step 2:  Gently tap, shake or sprinkle the bottle of fibers at about 45 degrees, and hold it 3 inches above your thinning areas that you want to cover or want to conceal with thicker hair.

Step 3: Once Infinity Hair Fibers are applied, gently pat hair to disperse the fibers evenly and for better coverage. Check to see all thinning areas are covered.

Step 4:  Finish the look by spraying Infinity Fiber Locking Spray to secure the fiber powder in place.

Step 5: Infinity Hair Fibers can be removed through washing and shampooing hair, make sure you clean your hair properly.

hair fiber starter kit from infinity grande

Quick and Easy Application of Infinity Hair Fibers

You can never go wrong with Infinity Hair Fibers.  Available in 10 different shades to match your natural hair color including black,dark brown, medium brown, light brown, dark blonde, light blonde, auburn, cinnamon, gray and white. With these colors available there are no way that the fibers can be detected or noticed. Infinity Hair Fibers remain in place for days or until the next time you wash and shampoo your hair.  These fibers are also rain, wind and sweat resistant so there is no need to worry. Go about your day with Infinity! It is the safest, most economical and affordable way to conceal those thinning or balding patches of your hair.

For more details on Infinity Hair Fibers, visit us at www.infinityhair.com today!


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