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It’s time you rebuild your confidence and stop focusing on your thinning hair or bald patches during an important meeting, a date or daily events. How? By using the trendiest method on the market that creates the effect of full hair: hair fiber concealers.

Confidence is an important factor in our lives because it helps us build healthier relationships with the people around us and makes us more driven to achieve our goals. That is why in your fight with hair loss, hair fiber concealers are not just a cosmetic approach, but also strong confidence builders.

Hair fiber concealers have not only become more popular during the years but also more effective thanks to the revolutionary technologies used to produce them. We’ve reviewed the best 2018 hair fiber concealers and the Infinity Hair Building Fiber Concealer came in first. We will share with you throughout this article everything we found out about Infinity.

Facts and Features of the Infinity Hair Building Fiber Concealer

Infinity came to life after the owner, Denny Smolinski, noticed his friends and family struggle with hair loss for years. He observed his loved ones have used several hair growth products with little or no result for too long. Every hair loss sufferer knows that these products take longer to create any effect whatsoever and become an expensive treatment in the long run.

Infinity Hair Fibers for both Women and Men
Infinity Hair Fibers for both Women and Men

He came up with an instant and cost-effective solution for covering thinning areas and bald spots: The Infinity Hair Building Fiber Concealer. The product soon offered self-confidence and a more youthful look not only to his family and friends but also to its numerous customers around the world.

Infinity has received a lot of touching and positive feedback from people who struggle with Alopecia for years and has gained its position of being an amazing product and one of the top hair fiber concealers on the market.

The Infinity Hair Fiber Concealer is an instant confidence builder not only for men, but also for women and it offers results in 30 seconds or less. The hair fibers are lightweight, don’t retain moisture and the human eye cannot detect them from inches away. The concealing fibers are safe to be used with any other hair growth treatment and a regular shampoo is enough to remove them.

Made out of high-quality and all organic keratin proteins the Infinity hair fibers come in 4 convenient sizes, from travel size to a 90 day supply. In comparison to wool, cotton or any other fibers of non-human provenience that offer a fake look, keratin fibers effectively cover thinning areas since they are so close to what our bodies are made of.

Infinity customers can choose from 10 different colors to perfectly match their natural hair roots or alternate them to create various stylish shades (black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, auburn, cinnamon, dark blonde, light blonde, gray and white).

The Infinity Hair Concealer is designed to work perfectly with thinning areas, bald patches, receding hairlines and to stay in place all day long even through withstanding environmental factors.

However, if you suffer from excessive hair loss or are completely bald then this product is not the right one for you because the fibers need to stick to existing natural hair. Unsatisfied customers guaranteed get their money back in 30 days.

Infinity uses Breakthrough Fiber Technology

One of the things that make Infinity an amazing product is that the hair fibers are produced using the latest micro-fiber technology. That means the hair fibers are electrostatically charged and naturally bond with the existing hair creating the effect of a thick and full head of hair.

How to apply Hair Fibers
How to apply Hair Fibers

The strong charge ensures the fibers stay in place no matter the wind, rain or sweat. As the fibers are applied on the problematic area they naturally fill in bald patches and add density. Therefore, you can instantly see the difference as soon as the fibers are evenly distributed.

Infinity Products Available on the Market

Infinity also offers additional products for a more perfected look and for precise control when applying the keratin hair fibers.

Infinity Hair Fiber Pump Applicator. It allows a direct precision when using the Infinity Hair Fibers along the hairline, sides, part lines and beards. The pump directly attaches to the 14g, the 28g and the 60g bottle sizes of Infinity Hair Fibers Concealer.

Infinity Fiber Locking Spray.  A must when using the Infinity Hair Concealer because it intensifies the bond between natural hair and hair fibers. After applying the infinity hair fibers, the Locking Spray is that finishing touch that doesn’t weigh down the hair and leaves a natural shine.

Infinity Hair Fibers Kit. The kit is a perfect starter for Infinity novices and contains a 14g Infinity Hair Fibers Concealer (1 of 10 colors), an Infinity Locking Spray and an Infinity Pump Applicator.


How to Apply Infinity Hair Fibers?

Using the Infinity Hair Building Fibers Concealer is as easy as…hair! The hair fibers are so small that they look like a light powder.  After washing, drying and styling your hair shake the fibers onto the balding area.

  1. Dry and style hair as usual.
  2. Apply either via Shake Method or the Infinity Pump Applicator
  3. Gently pat the applied area to disperse the hair fibers
  4. Lightly comb or brush your hair if necessary
  5. To finish off, spray the Infinity Fiber Locking Spray

Gently pat the area to disperse the product, comb if necessary and use the locking spray to finish off. Use shampoo to remove the hair fibers otherwise, they won’t come off.

Remember that your hair must be completely dry when applying the product and the locking spray must be the last item used in the process. Any other hair styling products must be used before applying the Infinity hair fibers.

It takes 30 seconds or less to use the Infinity Hair Concealer. However, while some users might be more intuitive or have more experience with hair concealers, others may take a few minutes to get to the right amount of fibers that suits them.

How to use the Infinity Hair Fiber Concealer – Video Tutorial

We recommend using the pump applicator after sprinkling the hair fibers to make sure all the spots are covered. Also, the pump applicator offers exact precision when concealing your hairline, beard or other small balding areas. Without the pump applicator, you may find yourself with an uneven and unnatural hairline, for example.

The amount of fibers that need to be used depends on how large the balding area is and on the frequency of usage. Large balding patches, obviously, require a higher amount of fibers. A 14g bottle size of Infinity Concealer lasts an average of 30-40 applications.

Infinity Hair Fiber Concealer Results

If you use the Infinity Hair Concealer according to the directions on the bottle then you will notice that this product actually works. As soon as the fibers touch your hair they instantly fill up those thinning spaces and create the effect of a natural and thick hair.

The fibers simply stick in place and don’t fall off even if you touch the concealed area. No mess, no hassle, no dirty clothes. It is indeed hard to notice the fibers from up close and the Locking Spray adds a natural shine to your overall look.

Some people have a hard time when choosing the right color for them although there are so many color options available. A few of the reviewers on Amazon are concerned about certain colors not matching their hair color. The best way is to choose the color that matches your hair roots in order to achieve a more natural look.

The owner of Infinity demonstrates instant results

If this option doesn’t work for you then try the next lighter color available. For example, if you have brown hair and the dark brown color is unsatisfying then try the medium brown one. Black and medium brown are actually the most chosen colors for many hair fiber concealers on the market since Alopecia is more noticeable on people with darker hair.

No matter if you keep your hair short, medium or long, The Infinity Hair Fiber concealer works amazingly on normal, coarse or fine hair type and also on different hairstyles such as straight, curly, frizzy, colored or highlighted.

Unfortunately, people who are completely bald should not be too optimistic about this product. The Infinity Hair Concealer does not help regrow your hair back (it is not a DHT blocker[1]), it just covers bald patches and creates the effect of a scalp full of hair. The fibers attach to hair, not to skin.

Another inconvenient about Infinity is the fact that the bigger the hair loss area, the more fibers you have to use. Also, the design of the bottle prevents you from seeing how much of the product you have left.

Safety and Side Effects

Your health is important! Always take into consideration your safety and the side effects when using any type of product. Make sure you are not allergic to the ingredients used and pay attention to your body’s reactions.

The best part when using Infinity is that is safe. Keratin is a protein already present in our bodies so it will be unlikely for you to be allergic to this ingredient. The hair concealer is free from any type of drugs and so it doesn’t present any side effects.

This product does not clog your pores and the hair follicles are not affected whatsoever. Other than that, you can use Infinity with any type of hair growth treatments. You just keep your self-esteem up by using this hair concealer while you wait for your hair to grow back in.

Let’s summarize!

After reviewing the Infinity Hair Building Fiber Concealer we found out not only that is an amazing product for mild and medium hair loss stages, but also that is safe to use. Infinity uses the latest Micro Fiber Technology that makes the small keratin fibers stick to your hair through static electricity and thus create a natural look.

You can see results fast, it is easy to apply even by non-experienced users and can be used on any type of hair. Additional products such as a pump applicator can be used for a precise application and the Locking Spray is a must to strongly keep the hair fibers in place until you wash them away with regular shampoo.

However, the Infinity Hair Concealer does not work on people who already are in an advanced balding stage and the design of the bottle is inconvenient. The large range of colors is a plus, but it may require a little testing before you find the right color for you.

The Infinity products are available on or on Amazon.

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