Infinity Hair Fibers Review


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Infinity Hair Fibers Review

20 Seconds to the Appearance of Thicker, Fuller Hair

Infinity Hair Fibers, for Women & Men, is made with premium ingredients giving top quality hair loss concealer. Unlike other brands, Infinity Hair Fiber does not cause your scalp to itch or irritate it. As soon as fibers are evenly distributed, you will instantly see the difference, giving you thicker and fuller hair and will make you feel confident in an instant.

20 Seconds to the appearance of Thicker, Fuller Hair for Women & Men

Available in 10 different shades, you are sure to find your perfect match, making it look more unnoticeable and feeling secure and confident all day. Infinity Hair Building Fibers works for any hair type ranging from normal, coarse or fine hair. Infinity can also work on any hairstyle such as straight, curly, frizzy, colored, highlighted, long or short.
For great coverage all day, thicker and fuller hair in an instant, use Infinity Hair Fibers to conceal hair loss, thinning hair, balding spot and patches.

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Infinity Hair Building Fibers completely eliminate the appearance of thinning hair for both Women and Men. The Hair Fibers only needs to be applied once daily and will last through wind, rain and sweat. It is totally undetectable, even within inches. It provides instant solution as fast as 30 seconds for those suffering from balding, hair loss or thinning hair. It is effective, convenient, easy to apply and safe for daily use. Infinity Hair Fiber has no side effects.


Infinity Hair Fibers is made of premium organic keratin in fiber form, the same protein that is found on human hair so it goes undetectable.


Made with breakthrough Nano technology, micro hair fibers use static electricity and become electrostatically charged as they’re shaken or applied, creating a strong bond to your existing hair, adding density and making it appear thicker and fuller in an instant.

Colors Offered:

Black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, auburn, cinnamon, dark blonde, light blonde, grey and white
Sizes: 3 grams
14 grams
28 grams
60 grams

Cost: 3g – $7.99
14g- $24.99
28g- $44.99
60g- $64.99

Over All Rating- 5 out of 5 Stars because of the quality of the hair fibers used and the effectively of the product.

Popularity: 5 out of 5

How to apply:

• After hair is washed, make sure it is completely dry before using applying fiber powder. Application on wet hair will clump the fibers up. Take the Infinity hair fibers soft touch bottle and hold it about 3 inches away from your head hovering over the desired application area.
• Gently shake the bottle of fibers over desired area letting fibers fall into place. If the fibers do not fall into the proper areas, simply use your hand to guide the fibers to where they should be. Shake the bottle generously over balding or thinning areas until satisfied with the results. Infinity Fiber Pump Applicators are also available for easy dispensing. These pump applicators fits all Infinity Hair Fiber bottles and are reusable.
• With the use of your hand, simply pat down the areas where the fibers were applied and smooth hair for a totally natural look.
• When desired results are achieved, finish with the Infinity Fiber Locking Spray to secure and seal the fibers and add shine to the finished look.

Additional Products

-Hair Fiber Applicator Pump
-Infinity Fiber Locking Spray
-Infinity Temporary Hair Color

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