Learn More on Toppik Ingredients and Possible Side Effects


Many people ask about the Toppik side effects provided the increasing popularity of the product. Apparently, people want to know what ingredients are Toppik made of to further assess if it would cause complications or negative interactions to their scalp or hair.

Learn More on Toppik Ingredients and Possible Side Effects

As claimed, when Toppik ingredients are discussed, keratin is often majorly discussed. This is because of the fact it makes up the hair fibers being utilized to cover the bald spots and thinning areas of the scalp. To help you determine whether there are Toppik side effects or not, consider the following excerpt:

Keratin Hair Fibers by Toppik

Toppik ingredients highlight the fact that its hair fibers are made up of keratin, which is a naturally occurring protein in your hair. The developer of the hair fibers used the highest grade of protein to guarantee strong natural static charge. This innate electrostatic charge is only found in keratin-developed fibers.

Only when the fibers are charged that they could tightly bind with the existing or remaining hair on your scalp. It does the work safely, which is why even people undergoing chemotherapy or have alopecia may use Toppik.

The keratin fibers of Toppik are almost similar to human hair, which is why it could disguise or blend in perfectly when used. It was never sourced from hooves, fish bones, or even nails. The appearance and texture of Toppik fibers could prove how effective it works. The fibers do not fall off, budge, or even clump in one place. Toppik fibers are also designed to resist sweat, wind, and rain.

Other Components in Toppik

Toppik made of keratin already gives the assurance of side effects freedom. Nonetheless, according to the ingredients list of the product, you would still find ammonium chloride in it. This compound has been debated to be the probable cause of Toppik side effects.

According to studies, ammonium chloride is an inorganic compound, whose solutions are mildly acidic. It is commonly developed by burning coal dumps from coal-derived gases condensation. Generally, it is the result of ammonia and hydrochloric acid reaction.

Similar to many chemicals, scientists stated that this solution could be a cause of peril when consumed by the body at large amounts. In other words, repeated exposure to it could lead to poisoning. Possible symptoms of ammonium chloride poisoning are muscle spasms, skin irritation, eye damage, nose irritation, lung problems, slow heartbeat, allergic reactions, and even comatose.

The risk brought by the compound would greatly depend on the amount of application, frequency of use, and your sensitivity to the chemical.

It was claimed by Toppik that ammonium chloride in its product is present in very small amounts. They even stated that it is only used as preservative. The developer added that the topical solution would not be inhaled in large amounts. However, this was not highlighted whenever they market the hair fibers, which could be misleading in a way.

Since you have learned more on Toppik ingredients and their possible side effects, you could wisely decide whether to try out the product or not.

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