Men’s Way to Cope with Hair Loss


Some men tend not to focus too much on the issue of their balding hair instead they channel their energy in maintaining a healthy body, stylish fashion and great attitude and personality and realize that they become more attractive. Let nature takes its course and not worry too much on the fleeing follicles.

Hair loss in men especially for the younger ones is upsetting and will present some style challenges. Many men become depressed and become anti-social when they experience hair loss or notice that their hairline is receding, while others just move on and accept it. The way to handle it varies for every person. Some men break the bank and spend so much money to stop it or look for a treatment. From medications, to creams and other schemes, there are countless of options available out in the market today that can actually help and give solution to hair loss.

There are also those who are just cool about it and not let hair thinning affect their everyday life and accept that they are losing it. According to an ABC News Study, nearly half of all men are losing their hair and half of them are below 30 years old so you are not alone. Hair loss is not something that you have a control over and people will not think less of you because of it. The way people look at hair loss is not that negative for men anymore. It is a matter of acceptance.  Some shave and go completely bald even if they have a perfectly normal hair because it’s completely fashionable and actually looks hot.

Another way to dealing with hair loss is cutting them off. Chop of the hair on the side and back to minimize the appearance of hair thinning or hair loss on the crown. When you see the scalp on top, take the sides short enough to reveal an equal amount of scalp so it provides balance. Do not grow your hair long because it will highlight the thinning part on top. Work with your barber or stylist for a short style that suits you.

One other look you can try is growing a little facial hair. A well groomed beard or goatee will help draw the eye away from the top of your head back down towards your face. Try to avoid using way too much hair styling products especially the ones that clumps up strands that looks sticky and reveal so much more scalp. Use light products to give control without a lot of separation. Try using Hair Building Powder such as Infinity Hair Building Fibers to cover up. The product does not look heavy on the hair and looks natural too.

Take a look around you and notice that a lot of men have thinning hair like you. Get over it and accept it. It is not something to be embarrassed about. Your great attitude and personality is far more important than your balding head.

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