Miracle Hair: How It Works and Product Reviews


Miracle Hair is another natural hair-building fiber technology which promises to provide thicker and fuller hair instantly. It aims to make you look younger in just seconds. The easy-to-use system targets bald spots and thinning areas of your scalp without the need to undergo expensive and invasive surgical procedures.

Before you purchase the product, it is best to study more about it and verify if it works. Read through the following for its detailed review.

What Is Miracle Hair?

Miracle Hair Fibers

Miracle Hair Fibers

The product is a bottle of hair-building fibers which will get rid of your balding and thin hair. In just seconds, it guarantees to provide you a full head of hair. It claims to make fiber application easier without any residue. Furthermore, its hair-building fibers are described to be resistant to sweat, wind, and rain. The “miracle” hair loss solution claims not to contain dyes or even harsh chemicals.

The solution used by the brand is Smart Fiber Technology which was designed to add maximum holding potential to every fiber in the product. It consists of 100 percent natural cotton fibers that will blend in with your existing hair. The fibers are designed not to shift, clump, or fall throughout the day. Besides, no one would ever detect that you are wearing fibers for it could mimic real strands of hair perfectly.

You may select from six different shades available. The hues are available for mixing to attain a color matching your hair.

What Are Its Other Claims?

According to Miracle Hair review, the product would get rid of the need for frequent salon visits. Aside from filling in your bald spots, it could also even out the regrowth of color-treated hair. Moreover, the brand emphasizes that its fibers are from high-quality plant-based cellulose which is not sourced from animals or synthetic materials. Specifically, its hair fibers are derived from cotton.

The hair fibers could work for all types of hair, including thick, thin, straight, kinky, and chemical-treated hair. Furthermore, it does not stain the clothes or skin. Washing it is as easy as using any shampoo.

How Does It Work?

It was explained by Miracle Hair review that the fibers of the product use electromagnetism in order to intertwine with your existing hair. As a result, a strong bond would be made. The hair fibers will have the negative charge, whereas your hair will possess a positive charge.

The solution has no effect on hair growth. In other words, it will not improve or harm the natural cycle of hair development. It does not permanently get rid of baldness or thinning hair. The Miracle brand is only meant to serve as a cosmetic solution. Though the fibers attach to the existing hair follicles all day, it could be washed out completely using a shampoo.

The Miracle brand also does not recommended it for people who are completely lacking hair. The hair fibers still need existing strands to hold onto.

There are six available shades under the brand which are light brown, medium brown, black, brown, blonde, and gray. If you have a hair color different from the ones available, you may mix them to find a matching hue. It is recommended that you use a darker shade as base for great results.

As for the application, every step is quick and easy. It takes less than 60 seconds to apply the hair fibers. If it is your first time, you may likely take longer.

There are only two steps. The first one is to clean and dry the hair for optimum bond. The second and last step is to place the bottle near the bald areas and gently shake it in circular motion. You will repeat the last step until you reach your preferred coverage.

It is suggested that you use less of the hair fibers to attain a more natural look. If the bald areas are still noticeable, you may add more of the fibers as long as you do it by layers.

What Are Its Ingredients?

The hair fiber is claimed to be an all-natural and non-synthetic solution for your baldness or hair thinning problem. To evaluate this, here are its compounds:

Cellulose. These are linked sugar molecules that provide robustness to a wood. It is also a main compound found in cell walls of plants. Cellulose is a fundamental substance for paper and textile manufacturing. Cotton is considered to be the ingredient’s purest form.

In nearly all plants, you could find it in large amounts. It is also a probable major food source. Crystalline cellulose is basically added to some products to lessen its caloric value.

Sodium Sulfate. The compound is also termed as disodium sulphate, which is commonly used as industrial chemical. Most of the time, you would find it in liquid or powdered soaps and detergents. Aside from producing fabrics, glass, textiles, paper, and wood pulp products, it is also utilized in laboratory drying.

The ingredient is a manufacturing compound and is categorized as non-toxic. However, it was found that it could cause asthma-like symptoms once it irritates the lungs. Moreover, it could also result to irritation and pain of mucus membranes.

Aluminum Silicate. This ingredient is also called aluminum silicate. The compound is composed of silicon dioxide and aluminum oxide, and is categorized as a fibrous material.  It is commonly found in paper, loose wool, board, and blanket.

The substance has an industrial form, which is also known as synthetic amorphous sodium aluminosilicate that contains water. This form has no specific chemical composition. The industrial form is utilized as additive in powdered consumable products to prevent formation of lumps.

Ammonium Chloride. The compound is a mildly acidic and inorganic compound that is highly soluble in water. In licorice, it is often used as a flavouring agent. The odourless salt is utilized in manufacturing medicine and personal cleansing products.

Are There Proofs of Result?

The product generally received mostly perfect ratings from its customers. According to the users of the solution, the hair fiber saved their lives. Aside from the fact that the fibers are very fine in structure, the consumers commended that it is not noticeable. They also declared the product recommendable since it is very easy to use and remove. Even if your hair color is not one of the shades available, it still mixes perfectly.

Even the customer service of the product was praised by the existing users of the hair fiber. According to them, they loved the fast shipping and customer management.

Does Miracle Hair Cause Side Effects?

Although the product received mostly positive feedbacks from its buyers and existing users, there are others who reported itch and redness of their scalp. They complained that the bottle they received may have been made outside the United States. There is also one who even encountered abrasion on his head.

The complaints are in contrary to the product’s claim, which is that the fibers are non-toxic and completely natural. The Miracle brand also highlights the fact that it was developed without chemicals involved.

The company who developed the hair fibers also stated that it could be used with other baldness solutions. For instance, you may use the cosmetic remedy with Minoxidil, a topical baldness medication or other products available. It was clarified that you have to apply it prior to putting the hair fibers. Furthermore, you may also use the hair fibers with prescription Propecia with no negative interactions.

Is It Investment-Friendly?

You have different packages to choose from if you want to try out the hair fibers. Given below are the following:

30-Day Supply. The hair fiber package is available in six colors. Under the option, you would get a 10-gram bottle of building fibers with one-time shipment. It is available for less than $25.

75-Day Supply. The option is also available in six colors to match your hair. The supply consists of 25 grams of building fibers with one-time shipment. You may obtain the product for less than $35.

150-Day Supply. The package has a 50-gram bottles of hair building fibers available in six shades. It is also available with one-time shipment and for a value of less than $60.

Travel Size. This option is equivalent to a 15-day supply in six-gram travel size bottles. You could select from six colors and get it with one-time shipment. The price of the package is less than $12.

75-Day System. Aside from the hair fiber supplies, you may also order a complete set which includes styling tools. This package is composed of a 25-gram bottle of fibers, 100 ml securing spray, 100 ml of revitalizing shampoo, application tool, and mirror. The option is available for less than $50.

If your miscellaneous tools run out of supply as well, you may purchase these individually. The securing spray is available for less than $10 and with a 30-day money back guarantee. Alternatively, the revitalizing shampoo is also at less than $10 and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

The aforementioned Miracle Hair reviews proved that it could also be declared a must-try product if you are looking for an instant cosmetic solution for baldness.

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