Does Nioxin Work in Restoring Thicker and Healthier Hair?


Nioxin reviews will reveal if the product works to solve your baldness and thinning hair issues. It is difficult to conclude if a hair regrowth solution is effective or the contrary unless you learn about its specifics. You may still be among those who asked “Does Nioxin work?” but this does not mean that it will not change.

Consider reading the excerpt below featuring Nioxin, and you may soon be changing your perspective about the product.

Does Nioxin Work in Restoring Thicker and Healthier Hair?

What Is Nioxin?

The brand offers a variety of products that will answer the question “Does Nioxin work?” It is available in different kits or systems which aim to promote your healthier, fuller, and thicker hair. Nioxin seeks to be an alternative to harmful hair regrowth solutions. Given below are the set of products under Nioxin:

System 1. This system claims to amplify the texture of your hair while getting rid of and avoiding its breakage. The solution is designed particularly for natural, fine, or thin hair. Aside fromits primary purpose of hair texture boost, it also delivers shine and refreshes the scalp. Included in the system are Nioxin cleanser, scalp revitalizer, and scalp treatment. Moreover, technologies inclusive in the package are BioAMP, Activ-Renewal, and Transactive Delivery System.

System 2. The main objective of the system is to provide an increased density for your strands while boosting its strength against harm. It is also designed for thin-looking hair. Furthermore, the products in the system also protect the scalp and promote healthy shine. Included in the system are Nioxin cleanser, scalp revitalizer, and scalp treatment. Moreover, technologies inclusive in the package are BioAMP, Activ-Renewal, and Scalp Access Delivery System.

System 3. This set of products will restore the balance of moisture in your scalp and promote improved texture. Additionally, the system could work for chemically treated or dyed hair. The system also contains the components of the first two systems. However, its technologies areGlyco-Shield, BioAMP, and Transactive Delivery System.

System 4. The fourth set from Nioxin perks up the density of hair and brings back moisture balance. Other than thin hair, it also works on chemically styled strands. Included in the system are Nioxin cleanser, scalp revitalizer, and scalp treatment. The technologies used for the system are Scalp Access Delivery System, Glyco-Shield, and BioAMP.

System 5. By using the system, you will attain moisture-balanced and livelier hair. Additionally, the products work on dyed, chemically treated, or thinning hair. System 5 also restores balance of moisture, smoothes the hair, and refreshes the scalp. The system has components similar to the mentioned packages. Its technologies are Smoothplex, Transactive Delivery System, and Glyco Shield.

System 6. The solution will provide you extra hair density and smoothness. It is designed not only for thin hair, but also for chemically-treated hair. You may also use the system for medium to coarse hair types. System 6 restores balance of moisture, smoothes the hair, and protects the scalp from damage. It has the same set of products and technologies also found in System 5.

According to reviews of Nioxin, you could have a more effective hair treatment by adding its Night Density Rescue to any system of your choice. The product is a leave-on treatment that reduces hair fall, promotes improved hair density, and enforces scalp oxidation. The formulation has NIOXYDINE24 that could work in just three months.

What Are Its Other Claims?

The brand claims that it works since it has been a trusted partner for millions of hair loss sufferers. According to the product provider, there is an average 85 percent users’ satisfaction by using its systems. At present, there are over 1.2 million bottles of Nioxin that are sold. Most importantly, Nioxin is the Stylist Choice Awards Winner under the category ‘Favorite Thinning Hair Line’ for 14 straight years. Having such recognition means that there is a great number of clients and hairstylists that have favoured the brand.

Additionally, the brand is continually growing. Other than its manufacturing facilities based in Georgia, the company also has worldwide presence in more than 30 countries.

How Does It Work?

There are different technologies involved in the work of Nioxin in restoring hair growth and preventing further loss. The following are its top trusted solutions, which are also infused in its products:

Glyco-Shield. This the technology powered by peppermint oil, white tea extract, humectants, and substances for hair conditioning. Through this solution, your hair will obtain balance of moisture and better protection. The technology also works for dyed hair. Through the remedy, your hair and scalp will achieve rejuvenation and sense of renewal.

Scalp Access Delivery System. The technology is composed of SPF 15 sunscreen, vitamins, purifying agents, and botanicals which remove sebum that clogs follicles. The system is also designed to get rid of all environmental residues from the scalp. Moreover, it has sun protection compounds included.

Transactive Delivery System. The solution is rich in vitamins, purifying agents, botanicals, and antioxidants that also target sebum clogging the hair follicles. Through its use, you will obtaina more refreshed and cleaner feeling.

Smoothplex. The compounds involved in this technology are conditioning agents, silk amino acids, and kukui nut oil. Smoothplex balances moisture, strengthens, smoothes, and prevents further hair loss. The technology is also meant to protect your hair from breakage.

Bioamp. The ingredients included in the technology are lightweight conditioning agents and cysteine amino acids which reduce hair loss and increase fullness bygiving protection against breakage and damage.

Cleanse. The cleanser of Nioxin strips away environmental residues, sebum, and fatty acids from hair and scalp. The product is one of the top anti-dihydrotestosterone (DHT) shampoos you could find containing vitamin B5, folic acid, yarrow plant, and pantothenic acid, among others. It blocks the baldness-causing hormone for thicker and fuller hair.

Optimize. The optimizing solution controls balance of moisture and generates resilience for the hair.

Treatment. The scalp treatment under Nioxin contains botanicals and antioxidants that keep the scalp refreshed.

What Are the Ingredients of Nioxin?

Nioxin side effectscould be predicted by learning more about its ingredients. According to the product reviews, here are its constituents:

Sulisobenzone. This active compound in the product is available at 1.6 percent quantity. Generally, it is a powder that has an off-white to yellow color. Most of the time, it is utilized as a sun protection substance.

Ensulizole. The active ingredient is also known as phenylbenzimidazole sulfonic acid. It takes four percent of the product’s entirety.  It could absorb UVB light in 280 to 320 nm distance. It is also used as a sun protection solution. With its help, the scalp is being protected from sunburns. The compound also supports having healthier, thicker, and fuller hair.

B Vitamins. The presence of Niacin side effectscould be counteracted since it is mostly filled with vitamins, such as B nutrients. B vitamins must always be at the right levels to maintain a healthy and thick hair. Nioxin is basically filled with vitamin B6, B1, B12, B7, B9, B3, and B5.

Each of the B vitamins is essential in maintaining the overall health of hair. For instance, B1, B2, and B3 are helpful in nourishing the cells of hair follicles. Moreover, B5, which is also known as pantothenic acid, is assistive in preventing hair loss, adding shine, and promoting flexibility. Pyridoxine or B6 is helpful in avoiding dandruff. Lastly, you have Cobalamin or B12 that could prevent loss of hair.

Antioxidants. Aside from the fact that antioxidants are known as disruptors of free radicals which bring damage to overall health, these are compounds that could help avoid hair loss. Antioxidants also have constituents that could enhance hair growth. Commonly used free radical fighters for hair loss are obtained from apple extract, green tea, and grape seed extract.

Kukui Nut Oil.Usually, this essential is utilized as dry hair treatment. It could work on strands that are exposed to chemicals, wind, and sun. It has essential fatty acids and amino acids, which could penetrate into the hair shaft. With regular use, your hair will remain moisturized and healthy. Kukui nut oil is also useful in treating dandruff and itch.

Are There Proofs of Result?

There are a number of videos found in Nioxin’s website which feature the success stories of people who have used the solution. In one review, Tracy, a public relations professional, claimed that her hair became thicker after using Nioxin. Her stylist basically recommended the product. In just a few months later, Tracy highlighted how her hair became better.

Another story featured stylists named Chris and Sonya Dove. According to them, Nioxin hasbeen successful based on personal experience. They could also prove the success of using the technology fortheir clients.

Carol, a mother and grandmother, also attested that she loved what Nioxin did to her hair. According to her, she became more confident about her look after using the product. She even described Nioxin as the best thing that happened to her.

On the other hand, Dustin, another public relations professional, also discovered how effective Nioxin is. He explained that the product helped him restore his confidence. Even his stylist saw the difference as time passed.

Other than users of the system, there are also professionals who have attested the capability of Nioxin. There are group of OBGYN experts, dermatologist, and psychologist who could explain better why the product works.

Does Nioxin Cause Side Effects?

The manufacturer of the product did not list any lasting or acute side effects with the use of Nioxin systems. Nonetheless, it was reported that there are consumers who encountered scalp and hair problems following the use of Nioxin products. The customer claims could never be verified right away. At present, Nioxin has not been linked to medical reports from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concerning hazard.

Specifically, the users of the product reported scalp swelling, tenderness, itching, redness, and flaking. They also had further hair loss and brittle standards. Experts believed that these side effects may also be an allergic reaction to any of the compounds in the product. However, these symptoms have been documented to be temporary or mild. In contrary, there are consumers who stated they suffered from persistent and severe side effects.

Doctors explained that using hair regrowth products usually begin your scalp and hair treatment with loss. It is a normal reaction of your scalp that will not exceed 14 days. If the problem ensues more than the said period, you should consult a physician right away.

Currently, it could be concluded that Nioxin only has potential side effects, because it has niacin. The compound is a B vitamin that could cause flushes in the skin when consumed orally or used topically. Moreover, the propylene glycol in the product has been linked to scalp flaking and irritation. Salicylic acid is also a probable cause of hair brittleness when used consistently. Lastly, harsh detergents are also found in Nioxin, which are sodium lauryl sulphate and sodium laureth sulphate.

Furthermore, other botanicals found in Nioxin, such as citrus extract, menthol, nettle, and peppermint oil, may also cause flaking, redness, and itch for they increase scalp blood flow.

Is It Cost-Effective?

Nioxin’s price would depend on the system you would use or bottle to purchase. The average price of every bottle is less than $50. In order to obtain the solution, you may use the website’s salon finder. On the other hand, you also have the option to buy from other distributors.

Who Should Use Nioxin?

If you are suffering from hair loss, this is a good product to consider. It has different technologies, which are carefully researched and tested, ensuring that it works. If you want assurance before you consider using a hair regrowth system, then Nioxin could give it to you.

Lacking confidence simply because your hair is thinning means you need Nioxin to change your life. If you are among those who are seeking fuller, thicker, and healthier hair, Nioxin systems could be a great help.

The aforementioned facts have most likely changed your perspective about the popular hair regrowth solution given that most of its reviews are positive. Nioxin reviews showed that you may need to take that leap of faith and trust a well-researched product in restoring your hair’s beauty minus the risks of invasive procedures.

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