Toppik vs Caboki: Hair Solution That Suits You Better


You would not be able to verify the veracity of Toppik advantages if you do not compare it to other high-quality products, such as Caboki. By comparing top rated hair fibers, you would not only determine which one would suit you best but the product you may recommend to your peers as well. There are various aspects wherein the two solutions could be compared.

Toppik vs Caboki Hair Solution That Suits You Better

Prior to buying any of products, consider other important elements besides Toppik advantages. Giving you a great evaluation guideline is the excerpt below:

The Art Behind the Products

Inclusive of the Toppik advantages is its capability to add fibers onto your scalp, which would disguise as existing hair. The fibers it supplies are made of keratin, which produces an innate static charge. The ability of the fibers in securing themselves with existing hair result to thicker and fuller appearance of your scalp.

You simply have to shake the product over the areas that may already be deemed as bald or thinning spots. The fibers that would be distributed onto your scalp give you the advantage of brushing or combing it to any style. These keratin-made fibers would only be removed by shampooing.

On the other hand, Caboki is a high-grade hair loss product, which could solve your hair thinning and immediately banish your bald spots by acting as a concealer. It provides a very natural look even when you are under the bright sun or at close proximity with someone.

Almost similar to Toppik advantages in application, the product could work on thinning areas by sprinkling its contents. The Caboki fibers would then bond onto your hair using a magnetic scheme. According to its developer, even the fine hairs would respond to its fibers, resulting to a fuller head of hair. Dissimilar again from Topppik advantages, Caboki is not made from keratin but from plant sources.

Suitability Factor

Toppik advantages include the fact it could work for both men and women. Its fibers are designed for thicker and fuller hair instantly regardless of the gender and type of problem. For women, its complete package includes the hair building fibers, root volumizing spray, and the brow building fibers.

Besides, Toppik advantages state that men would not simply obtain hair fibers from the brand, but a colored hair thickener and 3-in-1 renewal shampoo all in one set.

Moreover, covered by Toppik advantages is its capability to work even on ethnic hair. Besides treating curly, straight, long, or short hair, the brand is also designed to cover up graying hair. If you have recently dyed your hair, you could be certain that Toppik could act as a colorant for the re-growth of your strands to even out its new color. Regardless of hair color, type, or style, the texture and appearance of Toppik fibers would remain the same. The fibers are also designed to dry out your hair’s oils and not your scalp’s.

Moreover, Toppik advantages emphasized that it could work with any styling tools or products. It is simply recommended that you apply the hair building fibers following the use of curling irons, straighteners, and blow dryers among others. This goes the same with styling products, such as serums, gels, pastes and mousses. If you do the other way around, the fibers may shift causing areas supposed to be covered exposed.

Almost similar to Toppik advantages in general is the suitability of Caboki to work for men and women. It works for any hair type, regardless whether it is too fine or greatly coarse. The product is flexible to accommodate any style as well, such as straight, kinky, shaved, colored, frosted, or even highlighted among others.

Additionally, Caboki also works for African American hair. Its quality does not change no matter what hair is being treated. Gray roots are also being covered by the product.

If you would use Caboki with other hair styling tools and products, there are specific guidelines given by the brand. For hairspray, you should use it after the application of hair concealer. Hair gels, on the other hand, should be dried before applying Caboki. Lastly, hair oils must be used before distributing Caboki onto thinning or bald spots.

Colors Available

Toppik advantages include the variety of colors available with the brand. There are nine blendable shades to choose from upon buying the product, namely, black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, auburn, medium blonde, light blonde, gray, and white. These colors could be mixed according to your preferences so you would achieve the right color for your hair.

While mixing, it is recommended by Toppik to stand in a natural light so you could determine the hue you need to end up with. If you have a relative or friend to help you blending the colors, the better it is. There are cases that your hair may even possess two colors. Multi-tonal color could still be covered by Toppik by mixing or layering.

Caboki is available in 14 colors. You could select from black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, blonde, natural blonde, golden blonde, auburn, light auburn, dark gray, salt pepper dark, salt pepper light, gray, and white.

The colors offered by Caboki are also applicable for mixing. You simply need to use the darker shade of your choice as the base. After doing so, you may sprinkle the lighter shade next. You could repeat the steps until you reach your desired coverage.

Water Resistance

Highlighted in Toppik advantages is its capability to withstand rain. Even if the hair building fibers are exposed to rain, wind, or even sweat, it would be secured firmly on your scalp. Its added shine would not even grow fainter, especially if you the Toppik FiberHold Spray.

According to the developers of the product, the hair building fibers would stay on your hair until you wash it with shampoo. However, this does not mean you would not be able to touch up or style it during the day. Some people even set their hair with fibers at a salon with no problems at all.

Caboki also claims that its fibers have a strong binding force with your existing hair. This means that it could resist wind, sweat, and light rain. As claimed by its developer, it could stick with your existing hair 200 percent more securely than any other fiber. You may also style it as necessary after distribution onto your bald or thinning spots. Similar to Toppik, you may use any shampoo to remove it and it could easily be washed off.

Savings Every Bottle

You could be guaranteed with Toppik advantages not only in quality but savings as well. You could select from its wide variety of packages, which all serve the purpose of thickening your hair. The available kits from the brand are Hair Building Fibers, Hair Fibers Starter Set, Brow Building Fiber Set, Hair Perfecting Tool Kit, Toppik Volume Styling Kit, Hair Perfecting Duo, Hair Fattener Advanced Thickening Serum, and Volume Boosting Set among others. You may also purchase the products individually, especially when you run out of supply. The brand even offers other tools that could enhance your application of hair fibers, such as hairline optimizer, hair brush, and sponge applicators.

As for Caboki, you are also free to choose from different packages offered. There are sets for 50-90 days supply, 25 to 40 days supply, Starter Kit, and four Value Packs. You also have optional products to purchase, such as hairline perfector and volume control mist.

Side Effects

Far from Toppik advantages are the potential side effects it could cause. According to research and reviews, the product fibers still contain ammonium chloride, which is a chemical that could lead to negative interactions with some people. Since it is a hazardous compound, inhaling a significant amount of it could lead to peril. Possible side effects brought by the product are skin irritation, slow heartbeat, irregular breathing, asthma, and other allergic responses.

Nonetheless, it was explained that the side effects brought by ammonium chloride would depend on how often you use it, fiber application, and sensitivity.

According to Caboki reviews, the fibers making up the product would not even clog pores for they are larger compared to other hair concealers available. Even if the fibers would sit on your scalp, no irritation could be encountered. Although skin irritation is still possible, the chance is very small. Allergic reactions may only occur if you are sensitive to any of its compounds.

Ease of Use

There are people who found Toppik difficult to use, especially now that it could look unlikely natural when too many fibers are accidently dispersed. Moreover, you may only achieve utmost styling benefit using its spray.

Caboki, on the other hand, is commonly described as an easy-to-use product. It provides coverage accordingly at the fastest time possible.

Regardless of the products’ differing pros and cons, the choice is still yours and not largely dependent on what others say. The given reviews of Toppik advantages and Caboki features would help you specify which of the two are perfect for your existing baldness, qualities to prioritize, and budget.

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