Toppik vs DermMatch: Determining Which Hair Loss Solution Is Best


It is certainly difficult which to believe, Toppik reviews or DermMatch evaluation. This is due to the fact both products are still considered among the best hair fiber solutions available today. Rankings may be released to the public, but the choice between the two would always be dependent on your preferences.

Toppik vs DermMatch: Determining Which Hair Loss Solution Is Best

In such case, you should carefully assess Toppik reviews in comparison to DermMatch accordingly. To give you further assistance, consider reading through the excerpt to determine which hair loss solution is best for you.

The Art Behind the Products

There is a major difference between the product in terms of art used in concealing baldness or hair loss. You could begin with what Toppik reviews revealed, in which the product was described to be a hair loss concealer that covers thinning areas. In contrary, DermMatch is more known as a hair thickener.

To explain it in detail, Toppik reviews state that the product solves your hair thinning by adding new fibrous branches to your existing hair. As a result, the density of your hair would increase. On the other hand, DermMatch would not add fibers to your hair but coat it instead. It colors your scalp by thickening your existing hair, lifting it, and expanding its fullness.

Suitability Factor

When it comes to suitability factor, Toppik reviews state that the hair concealing system is perfected for both men and women. According to the manufacturer of the product, millions of men and women have solved their struggle with thin or fine hair. Toppik even added that people undergoing chemotherapy and Alopecia have used the highest grade fibers to make their bald spots covered.

Toppik reviews clarified that its hair building fibers work for any type of hair since it is made from all natural keratin.  In other words, its fibers could mimic human hair perfectly.

In the case of DermMatch, it is the same. It could function for both men and women. It is very flexible regardless of hair color, hair style, age, and skin color among others. According to its developer, the hair thickening solution could even create natural-looking temples, hairlines, beards, and eyebrows. Gray hairs may also be perfected using the system.

The given facts only proved that both Toppik and DermMatch have no issues when it comes to suitability for both genders.

Nature of Formulations

As claimed by Toppik reviews, the fibers made by the developer are from natural keratin of highest quality. It was emphasized that the Keratin available in its hair fibers are nearly identical to real hair. The fibers have natural static charge, which produces a magnetic effect. This magnetism enables the fibers to stick with real human hair more securely than other fibers available. According to Toppik reviews, the fibers could stick even to the finest strands of hair.

It was reiterated by Toppik that its fibers are not made from lower-grade materials, such as hooves, fish bones, and nails. These kinds of hair fibers would only make your scalp appear unnatural and lacking texture. Additionally, Toppik stated that even the fibers made of plant and cotton materials do not produce natural static charge, which is far from what it offers.

As for DermMatch, its formulation is totally different since it is not filled with fibrous materials, but coating solution for hair from top to bottom. The coating is topical, which is made to be placed lightly on the skin’s surface.

According to the developers of DermMatch, its ingredients include emollients, which help moisturize, soften, and soothe the scalp. The manufacturer also added natural and botanical constituents that keep the skin and hair follicles nourished.

Colors Available

Toppik reviews state that the hair building fibers are made with different colors to match your existing hair hue. There are nine shades available with the brand, which are medium brown, dark brown, black, light blonde, medium blonde, light brown, white, gray, and auburn.

On the other hand, DermMatch has eight shades. These colors include white, platinum blonde, silver gray, red, light brown, medium brown, dark brown, and black.

All the available colors offered by Toppik and DermMatch are blendable. In other words, you may mix the colors so you could achieve the most matching hue for your existing hair.

Water Resistance

Toppik is a hair concealing system, which could resist rain, perspiration and wind. Since its fibers have very strong static charge binding with existing hair, it would not fall, shift, or even clump.

DermMatch is also made to be water-resistant. You could even swim with it. According to its developers, you may even bend over while using the hair thickening solution, and it would not fall off.

Both products could be brushed right after application, which means the formulations stick firmly, making it capable of lasting throughout the day.

Savings Every Bottle

You may save a lot while using Toppik since its usage would depend on your need. Moreover, the number of fibers you would distribute on your scalp would be based on your need. In reality, hair fibers are often recommended to be applied minimally to obtain a more natural look.

As for DermMatch, you could have a solid product, which is claimed to be lasting longer than a spray or fiber bottle.

Conclusively, the savings you could get from every product are not largely reliant on the upfront cost, but on how frequently you would use it.

Side Effects

There are no severe side effects that are reported related to the use of Toppik, which may be attributed to its natural compounds. This goes the same with DermMatch.

Ease of Use

According to Toppik users, they commonly achieve unnatural hair appearance when they make mistakes in applying the hair fibers. However, DermMatch users preferred how easy it is to set their hair using the hair thickening agent. As for the time consumed, you would save more time applying Toppik hair fibers compared to the longer application of DermMatch.

You may now use the comparison between Toppik reviews and DermMatch evaluation to determine which of the two would comply with your standards on technology, convenience, and cost.

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  1. Use both together for maximum effect – Dermmatch first, when dry apply the fibres. One compliments each other.

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