Ways to Disguise Hair Loss and Hair Thinning


The issue on hair thinning and hair loss is finally getting the attention it deserves.  So many people are suffering and seeking ways to hide and conceal the effects of aging, alopecia, genetic reasons, medical issues or nutrition, menopause, chemotherapy or even diabetes. All these cause hair thinning and hair loss gradually or quickly depending on the state of your health.

Our hair says a lot about our way of living and the condition of our body and mind and so men and women have always been conscious not just the way their hair looks like but also the condition.

For people who are experiencing hair loss and hair thinning, there are already ways of disguising and camouflaging this issue while waiting for your natural hair to grow back to its glory. There are specialized ways of cutting the hair to add volume or coloring and styling techniques to make it look fuller.

To get a fuller looking hair one can go for an ‘Ombre look, get a darker base color and slowly lighter towards the ends to create a thicker effect. You can also add multidimensional color to create movement and illusion of fullness. Have your hairstylist add different tones and level to create a soft, multidimensional look.

One can also create volume by adding layers throughout the hair to create a “lift”. These styles give the cut much denser appearance to make hair look less fine and thin. Discuss the style and color that you want to achieve with a professional hair stylist. Several hairstyles can actually make a big difference in making the hair look thicker and fuller; a professional can help you decide on what hairstyle suits you best according to the shape of your face with the kind and texture of your hair.

Hair extensions can also help achieve great style and volume. There are 5 kinds to choose from like the Clip in Hair Extensions, Tape Hair Extensions, Weave Hair Extensions, Micro Link and the Pre bonded Hair extensions. These extensions come in variety of colors, lengths and hair types such as curly, wavy and straight. It is best that you discuss the best for you with professionals since I have also read a lot of disadvantage with the use of hair extensions.  Some celebrities have experienced hair loss because of tugging and tension brought about when extensions are placed so make sure that you don’t use them excessively to protect your hair from further damage.

And lastly, using Hair Fiber Powder like Infinity Hair Fibers to hide and conceal thinning hair and bald patches. It is made with natural keratin powder using Nano technology that automatically adheres to your hair strands giving a thicker and fuller finished look.  Infinity Hair Fibers come in 10 different shades to match your natural hair color, making it undetectable. It is easy to apply and gives so much impact; nobody would notice that you have thinning hair. Ask your stylists about Infinity Hair Fiber and see for yourself.

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