What Is Infinity Hair Fibers Made Of?


Keratin fibers are made of organic keratin proteins, the same as our hair. They are charged with a certain level of electrostatic energy so they intertwine with thinning hair because of the magnetic attraction. Keratin does not contain harmful chemicals and additives. It does not also in any way affect the hair growth nor interfere with the normal hair so it is safe to use.

The fibers are 100% natural, colorfast and cannot run or stain clothes. If the fibers fall on any surface, you can easily brush them off and does not smear or leave unwanted marks. These hair fibers can be applied to any types of hair may it be long, short straight, curly, coarse or stiff. Just apply the hair fiber powder on the thinning or balding patches of your head to cover the visible scalp to make hair look thicker and fuller. Make sure that that hair is washed and dry before any application for the fibers to adhere properly to your hair.

The main component of a hair fiber is Keratin. Keratins are protein,a long chain (polymer) of amino acids. There are several subtypes of keratin protein; some are called soft keratins and hard keratins. Basically soft keratins are found in the skin and are relatively easy to break down unlike hard keratins are very resistant to degradation. Hard Keratins do not dissolve in water and they are highly resistant to proteolytic enzymes. Hair fiber is mostly made up of hard keratin proteins.

Infinity hair Fiber is one of the products in the market today that contains keratin. With the use of Nano Fiber Technology, the hair fiber powder bonds between the existing hair to make it look fuller and thicker. It is derived from cellulose Nano fibers materials making it safe and healthy for the hair. It will neither irritate nor harm your skin or scalp and hair and does not have side effects.

Keratin Hair Powder is perfect for men and women who are looking to improve the appearanceof their hair. It is best to use keratin hair powder with those who are suffering from hair loss and thinning hair and would not want to take the risk of undergoing the painful and costly hair transplant or laser. Keratin Hair Powder gives an instant result that one can see after each application.

Keratin Hair Building fiber is the best option for hair loss or hair thinning. Aside from the instant results, it is effective, safe and very easy to use.   Infinity hair fiber gives 100% natural results and gives strong instant bonds with hair. So there is no need to worry. It will stay in your hair until the next time you wash or shampoo your hair. There is no need to worry about strong wind or drizzle as it will not affect the appearance of your hair. It is resistant to sweat rain and wind because of its strong bond with the hair. Infinity is safe to use on a daily basis.

Choose the Best. Choose Infinity.

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