XFusion Hair Fibers: What Makes It Different?


XFusion is another product by Toppik, which is designed to instantly thick your hair with the help of its hair fibers made of keratin. The all-natural keratin protein fibers of the product could interlock with your existing fine hair. As a result, XFusion would be able to cover your thinning areas and bald spots. The innovative technology of the product has helped thousands of real people, who have brought back their confidence instantly.

XFusion Hair Fibers: What Makes It Different?

Having XFusion hair means you would have all-natural fibers, which are made of keratin protein – the same substance in your hair. The bonding of fibers and your existing hair would make your scalp look fuller and thicker that no one would ever notice your baldness is commencing.

The difference of XFusion hair fibers is the fact that these produce a magnetic effect, which is not created by other fibrous products. It was explained that XFusion hair strands are obtained fr om a natural wool source, which is almost identical to human hair. This is also the reason why that even up close inspection, your hair would remain looking natural.

XFusion hair fibers are also emphasized to be not derived from plant or cotton materials and rayon. These are regarded as lower-grade substances and could level with hooves, bones, and nails. When fibers are low in quality, the natural look is not achieved. The fibers would not even blend correctly with your existing hair. Instead, these fake-appearing hair fibers would only shift, fall out, or even clump.

You could use the hair fibers through a very easy application. Given below are the steps:

Fibers Application. You begin with the spraying of keratin hair fibers. It is best that you use the XFusion Spray Applicator.  If you have to conceal the bald spots not distant from the front hairline, you should utilize XFusion Hairline Optimizer. This would help you obtain the most natural-looking hairline. Even the hair fibers would certainly not budge.

Securing Fibers. To ensure that your hair fibers would be secured all day, it is ideal to use the XFusion FiberHold Spray. The spray is made out of superior quality resin, which comes out as a fine mist, creating a bond between keratin fibers and your hair. Similar to the fibers, it has naturally derived compounds that could guarantee longer-lasting results. Using the spray also provides the benefit of gaining healthier and shinier hair.

XFusion Applications

The application of XFusion keratin hair fibers could be categorized for men and women. Regardless of hair loss or baldness issues, the product could work perfectly in giving a fuller and thicker appearance of hair. You could begin with hair loss and baldness issues encountered my men, such as the following:

Diffuse Patterned Alopecia. The hair loss issue is also considered an androgenetic alopecia, which is characterized by the front, crown, and top thinning. Moreover, you would notice that the bald spots develop in steady permanent regions. The problem commences through thinning of the entire top without necessarily undergoing processes similar to Norwood hair loss.

Diffuse Unpatterned Alopecia. The product is another type of androgenetic alopecia, but totally different in terms of not having a steady permanent region. Compared to the first hair loss issue, it affects fewer men. Nonetheless, this alopecia could spread quicker and turn out to be a horseshoe pattern. Its horseshoe shape is almost undetectable due to the sides and back’s low density of hair strands.

Physical and Mental Stress Hair Loss. Men who experience stress both physically and mentally may suffer from hair loss. Stress, in general, could have strange effects on the body. When you are in a state of shock or traumatic experience, not only your hair growth pattern would be affected. Most common hair loss problem associated with stress is telogen effluvium. There is no exact detail on how severe the effects of stress are on hair growth.

Inherited Male Pattern Baldness. There are no medical ill effects associated with this problem. Since it is inherited, the problem is in your DNA already. At times, this issue could start as early as 20s or even 30s. Most commonly accepted factors linked to male pattern baldness are age, genes, and hormones.

High 5-a Reductase Activity Hair Loss. It was found out by experts that men with high 5-a reductase activity tend to experienced worse baldness. The hair loss begins at the crown or hairline. There are cases that hair thinning may be observed as early as adolescence. The mentioned enzyme forms dihydrotestosterone or DHT.

Besides hair loss problems in men, there are also baldness issues in women that XFusion keratin hair fibers may cover up, such as the following:

Labor-Related Hair Loss. Women who recently gave birth oftentimes experience hair loss. This is due to the peak of estrogen levels in the body. Nonetheless, it was clarified by experts that the hair loss problem could be reversed after a few weeks following the delivery.

Birth Control Pills-Related Baldness. There are females who experience abrupt hair loss due to the side effects of birth control pills they take. Besides, the effects of contraception pills may also be similar to what you would encounter with hormonal therapies and pills.

Weight Loss-Related Hair Loss. Women are normally conscious about their weight. This is the reason why they are more prone to baldness brought by crash diets. These ineffective diets may reduce your weight but deprive your body of essential nutrients. Most of the time, you would lose vitamins and minerals crucial for the growth of your hair.

Menopause Hair Thinning. When you hit menopause, there are major changes that your body has to go through. Most likely, you would lose a lot of hair since your estrogen hormones would be very low. Besides losing hair, your existing strands would even come out dry.

Styling-Caused Baldness. There are stubborn women who lost a lot of hair due to the excessive styling of their hair in salons and by using products.  Women who use curlers, straighteners, blow dryers, wrong combs, colors, and sprays are more at risk to losing hair.

How Effective Is XFusion?

The effectiveness of XFusion could be well exhibited by its all-natural keratin protein, which could instantly make your hair full and thick minus the risks. The hair fibers are totally natural and produce sufficient magnetism to your existing hair. Through this magnetic effect, you would be able to keep your hair full despite the wind, rain, and constant sweat when you work out.

It is explained by the developer of the product that XFusion would never discourage hair growth. It is only a cosmetic solution that would not even clog your pores. Even if you have existing scalp conditions, the keratin hair fibers would result to worse issues.

You may even use the product for gray roots and dyed root re-growth of hair. Besides solving your aging roots, you may select from its wide range of colors available. Hues it offers are black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, medium blonde, light blonde, auburn, gray, and white.

To provide you more proofs that XFusion is an effective product, here are its other exceptional attributes:

Compatible With Other Styling Tools. You may use the hair fibers regardless of styling tools or products you use. However, it is highly recommended that you distribute the fibers after the use of any styling tool or product, such as curlers, hair dryers, straighteners, hair sprays, gels, pastes, and serums. It is necessary to follow this tip for XFusion may shift when you use it prior the styling solutions.

Works on Any Hair Type. XFusion is designed to work on all types and textures of hair. It is effective on Asian, Caucasian, and African-American hair.

Blendable Shades. To obtain the hue matching your existing hair, you may mix the available shades of XFusion. It is even recommended that you blend so you could end up with the closest color, such as in gray and blonde hairs. You may do the blending on your hair or in a bottle.

XFusion – Other Products Interaction

Since XFusion is made of keratin, which is a protein found in physical structures of the body, specifically nails and hair, people do not doubt its utmost safety. Nonetheless, it must be remembered that keratin is often developed with formaldehyde. The latter substance is utilized to hold the molecules or keratin together. If large amounts of it are used, problems such as lungs and throat irritation may occur.

According to ingredients list of XFusion, it contains keratin, silica, water, DMDM hydantoin, and ammonium chloride. The last item has been debated to be unsafe for it could also cause side effects when inhaled in large amounts.

Where to Buy the Product

XFusion is available in online stores, giving you more chance to determine its effectiveness by trial. Instead of traveling locally, be in the convenience of your home and purchase its packages from its website or accredited retailers.  XFusion hair fibers could be bought separately or with spray, applicator, optimizer, and other hair styling products under the brand.

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